I’ve been feeling really uninspired over the past few days. I just haven’t had that urge to pick up the needles and I really don’t know why. I have two projects on the go, a gorgeous wrap in Patons Coast and Washed Haze Aran and a pair of socks for my stepdad, but somehow they just aren’t giving me the fix I crave. I think it maybe that I have reached the stage where I need to venture to the more complex patterns. The trouble is I don’t actually have the confidence to start something ‘tricky’, as I still class myself as an advanced beginner – I’ve only been knitting since Dec 2005.
I’m just hoping the ‘thrill’ of the needles returns soon, maybe its the weather leaving me feeling lethargic. I do have a great pattern from US for a lace effect shawl using recycled sari silk, but I’m waiting for the needles to arrive to start it. They should be here shortly, so maybe this will get the juices lowing again.
I also want to start cabling, I have cabled once, a hat, which I found quite easy and have patterns for socks, wrist warmers and a scarf. I think whilst studying the simple knitting is s great way to unwind and clear my head of long (and often boring) scientific explains but now I have this ridiculous long summer it appears time to get the brain cells working and advance my knitting. Who knows by the end of the summer I may even have designed something myself (don’t hold me to that, prob being too over confident now.)


About Lyndsey-Jane

I love to knit, spin and crochet, usually accompanied by music, a good book or good TV. I have had ME/CFS for 6 years and have been recently diagnosed with a type of inflammatory arthritis.

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  1. I think it’s the weather, too. I’ve not really been into the yarn and hooks and needles either…I’ve been wandering over into PAPER!

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