I’ve fallen in love (again)


I’ve just re-discovered the heavenly darjeeling tea. Whilst hunting in the cupboard I found an unopen packet, decided to have a cup and have re-discovered this wonderful liquid. I am afraid to say that I am a tea snob – I can not abide tea bags or ‘normal blended tea’. It has to be loose tea and either darjeeling or Ceylon. Now I have rediscovered the joys of tea I think I will pick up some red bush tea when I go out tomorrow. My problem is that everyone I know raves about the Redbushcompany, but they only produce tea bags. Whittards however do Rooibus(African for redbush)loose so I think I will try that.
On the knitting front I have finished one of the socks for my stepdad – the pattern isn’t to my liking although the sock turned out fine. I am going to wait a week or so before starting the next. Instead I have cast on using some Cherry Tree Hill Supersock from my stash, in Northern Lights. It is predominantly purple so fits in well with Project Spectrum. I am following the Ribbed Sock pattern, which I haven’t tried before so should be interesting. I will post pics when I have more than 3 rounds to show.


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