wilting in the heat!


It is official I was not born to appreciate the heat. I have managed to work how to feel slightly better but this involved lying still with fans blowing on me – not hugely productive. I have also suffered with the heat but never quite this bad or in this way. It feels as thought my entire body is made of lead. Apparently it something quite common in ME sufferers to be affected by extremes in temperature which sums me up I hate the cold to – but at least you can wrap up warm in nice handknitted woollies.
I have managed to complete the fan them flames scarf and will giving to my mum tomorrow so will get pics then. I have also abandoned the IHS as I didn’t like they swatch I did using the Cascade 220 or the Noro Kureyon so have reassigned these yarns to felted bags. I have cast on the Sophie using Cascade 220, and have designed an increasing width stripe for the body of the bag using green and purple, the two left over skeins of purple I will probably knit Wavy. Three of the six Noro Kureyon will used to make a Booga Bag and as yet I haven’t decided what to do with the rest, maybe and pencil case and minidisc case.
I am off to stay with parents from tomorrow until Sunday (the day of the 5km walk!!!) but will take many pics and hopefully have some more fo’s to show you.


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  1. hope the walk went ok, and that it was cooler at your parents than in Cambridge! will you be able to make th KTog at the Cambridge Blue on thursday?

  2. Hi there! this is your secret swap pal saying hello! I can’t wait to see your questionnaire answers and start the fun part- SHOPPING!

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