I did it!!


The Race for Life was on Sunday and although we were all geared up for scorching heat, someone was watching over us, as just before it started the sun went behind a cloud and didn’t re-emerge until we reached the 500m left mark.

Mum and me before the Race for Life

I walked the 5km with my mum. The route was lovely and took us around Verlamium Park, St Albans. There were a couple of nasty hills at the beginning but once we reached the 3km mark it was flat and took us around the lake.

We managed to complete the course in 1hr 11mins, which we were both really pleased with as we both have on-going health issues. I was expecting to complete in about 1hr 30 and Mum was expecting to take about 1hr 45. We were both hot and bothered after but felt great. It was defintely worth it and i will most definetly be doing it again next year – although i think i will sign up for the Cambridge race as it has no hills (they were not pleasant)

Mum and me after the race, complete with medals!!

There is a link to my sponsor page to the right of this post, it will except donations up until 6th August, and any sponsorship goes direct to Cancer Research UK.



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