Bad blogger (and 1 1/2 fo’s)


I am a bad bad blogger for not posting in over a week. And what is worse is that I don’t even have an excuse. I could say that I was busy revising, but honestly i wasn’t. I just felt really lazy this last week.
I do, however, have a fo (and a half). At long last my Coast wrap is finished. I am loving how it feels and can’t wait until Tuesday when i will wear it to the Cambridge KTog. I will get photos of me wearing it then

One of my fave things about it, is the buttons. The buttons allow it to be fixed at the front so the look is almost ponchoesque. I found the perfect buttons at Woolly Workshop, which is quick becoming my fave on-line store along with Get Knitted. They are designed by Debbie Abrahams and hand-made from ceramic. They are lot lighter than the photo suggests but due to really grotty weather I have had to take photos inside.

The half fo I referred to is a completed sock. I know have 2 completed socks, of which i have to knit their partner. I am loving the most recently finished. It was knit with Cherry Tree Hill Supersock (shade Northern Lights) using their Ribbed Supersock pattern. The yarn is much brighter than in photo but thats artifical light for you.

I have joined a kal for the Nancy Bush sock book, Knitting on the Road, which knits a sock from the book every two months. The sock for Aug/Sept in Unst and so have cast on this, and will finish the lone socks partners, between these kal socks. I am using Opal Rodeo Cotton (shade 1174) to knit the Unst. It is a lovely pattern using Shetland Columns and Arches lace pattern. I have slightly altered the pattern by knitting a plain 2×2 rib instead of the patterned rib suggested. It was purely a personal preference, i prefered the look of it that way. I would show you a photo of my wip but blogger doesn’t want you to see it. (damn thing can be so annoying sometimes).


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