socks, socks and fave colours.


I have completed one of the socks for the KOTR kal. I absolutely loved knitting this sock, and will defintely be making more in the future. The lace is really stretchy which is great as I have wide feet and chunky ankles. I made a slight mishap when transferring from the leg to the foot and the lace doesn’t match up but I know where I have gone wrong and all future socks will be fine. I could have frogged it and all you purists probably think I should have but I see the mistake as evidence of my knitting journey. I will always look at this sock and remember when I couldn’t read lace charts.

I have also joined UFO August in an attempt to get the UFO’s I have done and dusted in time for September. I have decided that I WILL NOT cast on another project until these are finished. It is such a great feeling when I have to change the % bar on an item, and even better when it is moved to the FO’s section.

I have joined two cool sock kals since last blogging, Sock Wars (sign-ups until 8th Sept) and Mystery Sock Kal (sign-ups til Aug 14th). Sock Wars looks great fun as it involves knitting a pre-determined sock pattern as quick as you can and then posting it to your ‘target’ to ‘kill’ them before you receive a pair socks killing you. Your target then sends you their unfinished socks and their target becomes your new target. Confused? It’s easier than it sounds…go check it out! The great thing is it doesn’t start til Sept 22nd so won’t interfere with my UFO August.
Mystery Sock kal, involves finding a sock pattern on the net which doesn’t have a picture with it and then knitting it. It will be great to see what socks turn up. I have a few prospective patterns.

I have been busy crafting and shopping for my Fave Colour Swap secret pal, and just have a few finishing touches to the parcel before posting. I am trying to work out how best (and with minimum disruption to my wrapping)to send abroad. I will probably put it all in a nice pretty box, wrapped up etc., then put that into a cardboard box wrapped in brown paper, that way there is quite a bit to get through before the parcel itself it ruined. I don’t want it to arrive looking all tatty. This is the first swap I have been involved with so am quite apprehensive about it. It has been great fun and I can’t wait until they receive the parcel to see if they like it.

I am off to London on Wedneday for my annual check-up at the Royal Brompton Hospital. I was really looking forward to visiting Stash Yarns but they are closed that week – just my luck! I do however get to spend the day with Mum, shopping on the King’s Road, having a nice lunch and no doubt buying some yarn in Peter Jones. The Bluebird Epicerie sellMighty Leaf Tea, so I may get some of that, as I am hoping to join the next round of Knitters Tea Swap, so fancy seeing if it is worth the money. If it is nice I can get some more for me and my swap pal mail-order at a later date. I may also have to pop in Lush and get my secret pal something as there are no smellies in their parcel.

I have made quite a bit of progress on the Booga bag and just have the i-cord handle to do now. I think I put on a DVD and attempt to get it done. I wonder how soon knitting 6′ of i-cord becomes boring? I’ll tell you next time, the prospect of 6′ is so daunting, i’m only 5’2″, so its almost 1′ more than my height. Oh well no use putting it off.


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