The bag is blocking!


After three turns in the washign machine the Booga bag is now sitting on the floor with a Tesco bag and shoe box in it blocking. I am really happy with the way it has turned out and will probably make another in a different colourway. I do love this colour though as it goes really well with my green combats and brown combats. At the moment I am really into greens and browns – I think I am getting into the Autumn thing a bit soon. I still have 3 skeins of this left and am debating having a go at making a felted pencil case for uni. I don’t know if I am up to designing my own but I have seen some felted glasses cases/phone cases which i’m sure i can adpat to put a zip in (courtesy of mummy dearest).
Just a quick query though, how do you block felted i-cord? or don’t you? I just draped mine over the airer and let it dry and am hoping after some use it will straighten out. That’s one UFO that is pretty much done now, just another 5 to go.

I just ordered some Rowan Plaid (now discontinued) from here for £3.50 a ball, which I think is bargin central. I have the pattern book and have been meaning to knit Karl a jumper for ages, so now I have his xmas pressie sorted. I know the whole jumper for boyfriend curse but after 3 years of living with me he can survive any curse. I also got some for me to make a couple of cable scarves. I love the pattern in the book but will make one smaller as don’t think I need two scarves over 2m in length. I am really excited about this as I have been wanting to make a cable scarf for a while but the Irish Hiking Scarf just doesn’t seem to work for me.

I’m biting the bullet and going into uni tomorrow to do some revision as, being honest, it isn’t really happening whilst staying at home, the lure of daytime tv and knitting is just too great. I’m lucky that Karl works just off the library so he will make sure I don’t abscond to Starbucks and knit all day, no matter how much I plead that I will study whilst there. I am to be chained (metaphorically that is) to the library all day. Oh joys of genetics and reproduction.

I have also found somewhere that sell Sugar n Cream and ships to the UK! I can see a rather large purchase once my student loan comes along in Sept. I really fancy having a go as making washcloths and think they would be a good idea for pressies for my uni pals, along with some nice soap. Cheap but thoughtful! I couldn’t believe the colours, they are so many and they ae so vibrant. I have lots of projects in mind but I MUST finish my UFOs first.


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  1. The Booga looks great! I am DYING to make one! And if you ever need SnC let me know, we have plenty of it here and I could ship it to you.

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