Sock Wars


I have finished my pair of socks, so I believe I have officially taken out my target. I am now awaiting a reply from her with her mailing address so I can send them to her. I hope she likes bright colours coz boy are these bright! I used Regia 6ply in Crazy Colours, I used just over 50g on 3.25mm dpns.
I wasn’t planning on staying up to finish them but it is soo hot that I couldn’t sleep and then I got so close to finishing I decided to keep at it and of course once they were finished I had to run downstairs and tell the entire blogsphere.
I really should be asleep as I have to be up for Uni in 4 hours – oh well not to worry.
Good Luck to all the other sockwars warriors out there!


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  1. Congratulations. I’m almost done with my socks for Sock Wars. I have not received my dossier yet. My target has and feels I should wait to receive mine to have her mailing address. Hopefully YM will be up and running soon to send me my dossier.

  2. Congratulations! I’ve been known to stay up many a night when I just had to knit a few more rows only to discover there was no satisfaction until I closed that toe!

  3. Nice socks:)

    I’m glad to know that I’m not the only Knitting Night Owl out there!! I think we should get extra points for each and every sock we finish after 2 am! LOL

  4. The socks are awesome! I am working on my DPN skills so I can knit a pair successfully. Sock wars sounds like a lot of fun!

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