So I fell at the first post…but I am going to give myself another chance as it was my birthday. I want to say Thank-You to everyone who has sent me birthday wishes. I will get round to sending you all personal thanks eventually.
I had a great time on halloween and had a lovely meal with my family yesterday. I’m afraid I have no photos as my camara is still at my friends house but as soon as I get it back I promise fancy dress pics.
I have two lots of good news (one sligthly more important than the other) my stepsister had a baby boy on Halloween (just he was born 11.45pm) he is to be called Harvey. THe next not so important but still great news is that I have won some sock yarn. I entered a comp at the yarn yard and received an e-mail yesterday saying my number had been drawn out. It is a site that i’ve only recently found but they do some great hand-dyed/hand-painted yarn. They have just started a sock club and also have a charity yarn each month. Last month was breast cancer (the yarn was pink surprise surprise) and this month the charity is Everyman with a nice masculine hand-painted yarn. Perfect for making that man in your life some socks etc for xmas.

I finally received my copy of Yarn Forward and had a flick through it earlier. I am really impressed and look forward to reading it properly as well as deciding on what pattern i’m going to try first.
Well, I’m back opf to bed as I still can’t shake this cold and what with the birthday festivities over the last two days/night I’ve probably made it worse. I kinda expected this to happen, its one of the downsides of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, most of the time I’m ok but if I stretch myself beyond my normal routine I pay for it for a couple of days. But as its was my birthday and my 30th at that I decided it would be worth the pain.


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