This meme can only be answered with one word, some…


This meme can only be answered with one word, something I found interesting.

1. Yourself: Achey
2. Your Boyfriend/girlfriend (spouse): non-exsistent
3. Your Hair: cut
4. Your Mother: brilliant
5. Your Father: b******d
6. Your Favorite Item: hamsters
7. Your Dream Last Night: weird
8. Your Favorite drink: diet coke
9. Your Dream Car: BMW
10. The Room You Are In: Lounge
11. Your Ex: here
12. Your Fear: needles
13. What You Want To Be In 10 Years? alive
14. Who You Hung Out With Last Night? karl
15. What You’re Not: tired
16. Muffins: apple
17. One Of Your Wish List Items: laptop
18. Time: 00.34
19. The Last Thing You Did: knitting
20. What You Are Wearing: PJs
21. Your Favorite Weather: autumn
22. Your Favorite Book: Pride & Prejudice
23. The Last Thing You Ate: cake
24. Your Life: bizzare
25. Your Mood: restless
26. Your Best Friend: mum
27. What Are You Thinking About Right Now? sqeauk
28. Your Car: none
29. What Are You Doing At The Moment? popcorn
30. Your Summer: boring
31. Your Relationship Status: single
32. What is on your TV? nothing
33. What is the weather like? windy
34. When is the last time you laughed? earlier
35. Who do you tag? uh?

off to watch film. Have camara back and 3 fo’s and 3 wips to show tomorrow as well as some stash and pics of new hammies.


About Lyndsey-Jane

I love to knit, spin and crochet, usually accompanied by music, a good book or good TV. I have had ME/CFS for 6 years and have been recently diagnosed with a type of inflammatory arthritis.

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  1. My favorite book is Pride and Prejudice, too! Look forward to seeing the wee hamsters. I have 2 pet rats myself (and a dog).

    Your Whoduknit swap pal!

  2. I, too, share your favorite book. I dream of a world where everyone is that quick-witted and wise. I just wanted to pass on that I’m here. watching you get cold from far away and wishing you happy mittens someday soon!

    Your KMKS pal

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