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Mystery Stole 3


Mystery Stole 3, originally uploaded by lyndsey-jane.

I have really enjoyed spending the evening knitting this. I have only completed Chart A of the Clue 1 but am really pleased. The rogue dark bead will make more sense after Chart B has been started. I was finding it difficult to decide between the clear silver lined beads and the grey (haematite looking) beads. Once I saw the chart I realized I could use both – the clear beads around the edging and the dark beads in the main body of the stole.

Friday Feast


I found this interesting site called Friday Feast on Margie’s blog and have decided to play along.

How many pieces of jewelry do you wear most days?

7 or 8. Watch, medicalert bracelet, 5 rings always and often a necklace.

What is your favorite instrumental song?

For The Love of God – Steve Vai

Who has a last name that you like?

My boyfriend – Tabois.

Main Course
Name a popular movie you’ve never seen.

Reservoir Dogs

Fill in the blank: Nothing makes me hungry like cookery programs

Summer Of Socks 07 (pair 1)


I have finished my first pair of socks for Summer of Socks 07 and have cast on for number 2


Pattern: Haiku Flower Socks

Yarn: Valley Yarns Longmeadow – Seafoam

Needles: Brittany Birch 3.25mm dpnd

Mods: None

Karl has been moaning about his cold feet so I am knitting him a pair of thickish (DK weight) socks using the Basketcase socks pattern and Jaegar Baby Merino DK in a variagated brown/green.

ISE 4 Parcel


Yay!! I am so lucky, I received the most wonderful scarf from Kimberley for ISE 4. I have been hoping for some nice sunny weather to take photos but the sun doesn’t seem to want to come out and play. The colours are much richer in real.

100_1375.jpg 100_1378.jpg

New Sock Swap


I know there are loads of you sock knitter and swapper out there (although probably not all reading my blog) and I have just found a new sock swap. Sign ups close on 30th June, but the swap runs until 15th October (so plenty of time to get the Sockapalooza socks done first).

If your interest just click the button

Summer Of Socks Progress


I decided to make the Haiku Flower socks for myself and have ordered some Panda Cotton for my Sockapalooza pal. The Haiku Flower Socks are a really quick knit. It only took me two days (of knitting whilst watching a couple hours of TV) to finish the first one. I really like this yarn, it is so soft. It will be interesting to see how it wear and washes. If it seems to be ok, then I may be tempted to make top out of it.

Haiku Socks

I have cast on the second sock and knit on pattern repeat so hoping to have my first Summer of Socks FO in the next day or so.

Count to ten….


Why is it that the one night I actually feel tired before 2am and want to go to sleep, the bloody next door neighbours decided to have a party and not just any party a flipping ABBA party!

I was so looking forward to tonight, pringles, diet coke, series 2 of Greys on DVD (and Yes us Brits are way behind) and knitting. The music (all ABBA) is so loud that I gave up knitting an hour ago as couldn’t concentrate and it got so bad that we couldn’t follow the episode of Greys! (we had subtitles on as we couldn’t hear the TV that well and didn’t want to deafen ourselves!)

Please don’t think me a party pooper but if you are going to have a party isn’t it courteous to inform the neighbours before hand? It’s as if we don’t talk to the guy, although I believe that the owner of the house isn’t actually there as his car isn’t in the drive. I wanted to knock on the door and ask if they could possibly keep the noise down as it is 1.30am but Karl says to leave it. The really annoying thing is that it is quieter downstairs so I can’t even lay down in bed. So when its the early hours of the morning and you need to rant, what else is there to do but blog.

In knitting news, I received my ISE4 parcel today, the scarf is made from a wonderful variegated silk but as has been raining and dreary all day I have decided to wait until tomorrow before taking photos as I think it will really shine in natural light. I will post about it fully tomorrow. I cast on Isabella and have turned the hem (I chose to turn the picot edgeing up as I knit as I hate sewing) and have completed the first row of eyelets. I really like the fabric so far but can see all the stockinette with such fine yarn on small needles getting to me! Not to worry I have Summer of Socks, Mystery Stole 3 and Tour de France to keep be entertained too.

Without wanting to jinx myself, it sounds as if the Abba lovers have decided to shut-up so hopefully I can go get some sleep.

Thanks for listening, rant is over!!