Summer of Socks Goals


Summer of Socks 07 officially starts today! I decided to mark this by setting out my goals. Some people have decided to worked solely on socks all summer. I have some tops I plan on knitting over the summer, so have decided that my goal is to knit 2 pairs a month for the duration. I have some great sock yarn in my stash and want to use Summer of Socks as an excuse to use some of this.

The socks that I really really want to knit are:

Twinkle Toes – (for Sockapalooza) Valley Yarns Longmeadow
RPMSock Hop Sock Yarn
PomatomusThe Yarn Yard Sock Yarn
Friday Harbour from Knitting on the Road – Fyberspates BFL

I am putting Ms Marigold in time out for the moment as I think I may need to frog some of it. There is a slight irregularity in the fabric and as it front and centre every time I pick it up I notice it. I am off to cast on my Sockapalooza socks and swatch for Isabella.

(eta: After much hassle I have decided against Twinkle Toes as I hate the figure 8 cast-on!)


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