Mystery Stole 3


Mystery Stole 3, originally uploaded by lyndsey-jane.

I have really enjoyed spending the evening knitting this. I have only completed Chart A of the Clue 1 but am really pleased. The rogue dark bead will make more sense after Chart B has been started. I was finding it difficult to decide between the clear silver lined beads and the grey (haematite looking) beads. Once I saw the chart I realized I could use both – the clear beads around the edging and the dark beads in the main body of the stole.


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  1. Lyndsey, I will post the questionnaire on the 5th or 6th. A lot going on the 5th, so be on the look out! Glad you are so excited!

  2. Oh gosh, this is going to look so beautiful! I love the yarn you’re using – gorgeous color! And mind you, I’m very curious to see more of the beading!

  3. Hi there! I didn’t realize you’re now on WordPress. Duh. Glad I checked ya out on Ravelry.

    Your mystery stole is working up great! Can’t believe the third clue comes out Friday; I haven’t started the second one. Guess I better get knitting….

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