Mystery Stole 3


Mystery Stole 3, originally uploaded by lyndsey-jane.

I have just completed Clue 2. This is only my second attempt at proper lace so I am really pleased that I am managing to keep up. Clue 3 only came out yesterday so ‘m hoping to get that finished before clue 4 comes out next friday. I’m really enjoying the process and love the way the pattern is broken up into digestible pieces.
I have the second Ravenclaw sock to start tonight, but the pattern is so easy I should it have finished by the beginning of next week ready to post out before the deadline. I am falling behind in my Summer of Sock progress and this mainly due to the Mystery Stole.


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  1. How exciting – I’m doing MS3 as well! Just finished Clue 3 today….yours is looking lovely.

  2. Way to go! And no clue this week; we get a respite due to Harry Potter publishing. (I’m hoping this allows me to catch up…haven’t even started clue 2 yet….)

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