Hogwarts Sock Swap Socks


Hogwarts Sock Swap Socks, originally uploaded by lyndsey-jane.

I finally finished the socks for my pal! A bit late but hopefully she won’t mind. I made a bookmark from some of the left over yarn – i think its pretty cool!
I’ve made a reasonable start on my sockapalooza socks (third time lucky). My pal as pretty narrow feet so I had to make sure I found a pattern that was suitable, i finally opted for Unst from Nancy Bush’s Knitting on the Road. I’ve turned the heel and am liking it a lot. I will post photos once I’ve decreased the gusset and it looks like more than just some random yarn on cocktail sticks.

After completing my first of socks for summer of socks so quickly it then took me a while to get another fo, but this is pair two and pair three shouldn’t be too far behind.

I’ve been having issues with my ME over the past 10 days or so, and i’ve worked out that it flares up when my diet is bad, so after receiving a HUGE delivery of food (so much fresh fruit and veg my fridge is overflowing) i’m hoping to be back on track very soon. It is annoying me at the moment as it means that i can’t concentrate for long and it making HP slow progress. Whereas I would normally have it finished in a couple of days i’m only on chapter 10 at the moment. I’m wishing  I had bought the audio book as well and I could have listened when feeling tired and read when i could. Let’s hope the good food helps. So far it hasn’t as I cut my little finger pretty bad slicing red pepper earlier on – not so bad it needed stitches but still bad enough. I’m normally so careful and can’t remember the last time i cut myself chopping veg (if ever) but am i glad that I didn’t sharpen it before chopping or it could have been worse. It is making typing a nightmare though as i sort of touch type – i use all my fingers but not necessarily for the correct keys but it works for me. Thankfully, it doesn’t effect my knitting just the ability to wash up (Yay!)

For all those on Ravelry have you joined the Sock Knitters Anonymous group yet? They are having year long knitalong with contest etc worth checking out.

I’m not sure what to do next, read HP, listen to new Lime n Violet and knit or listen to my audiobook (The Rotter’s Club – great so far) and knit. Decisions, decisions.


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