cure for stress…


…baking. Not exactly conducive with the diet but when i get stressed and can;t sit still long enough to knit i bake (or plan baking or both). I found what looks like a good recipe for a lowish fat chocolate banana cake and had the ingredients so off i went. I’ve also promised Karl a victoria sponge tomorrow and fairy cakes for us to take to work/uni on tuesday when one his colleague (who is also the technician who has been helping me with my lab work) is retiring.

I am less stressed now and have a semblance of inner calm now. I wasn’t going to rant at my mum when she phoned as she would only worry and stress and has been told to worry less by her GP but being a mum she could tell right away there was something bothering me (how do they do they do, is it some sort of ESP you get when you give birth?) and have admit after talking to her I felt much better.

I’m off now to cut into the chocolate banana cake, photos tomorrow (as long as Karl doesn’t get to it first)


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  1. Sorry to hear you’re having difficulties, but maybe if you keep at it it’ll work out? (I know of someone who had to apply several times for disability social security here in the US; it took a while, but she finally was granted it) Knitting works great for stress, too!

    How was the chocolate banana cake? Sounds yummy!

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