Inspired & Sock Yarn


I been wanting to start selling my hand-dyed sock yarn for a while now and have had a great idea for a theme for an shop which I hope is original and attractive. It is still very much in the planning stages (I need to persuade my Mum to lend me a small amount of money to purchase some blank sock yarn) but all going well I hope to have some ‘trial’ skeins up for sale in a couple of weeks – weather dependent. I would, however, like some input from all sock knitters. I would like to know what your prefered fiber content is when purchasing sock yarn. Please take a second to fill out the poll, if you choose ‘other’ can u leave a comment stating the content. Thank You!

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  1. How exciting! Looking forward to hearing more soon. What sort of dyes are you using?

  2. Great minds think alike; I’m at work on a similar enterprise (not identical, you’ll be relieved to hear). But I’ve decided that my marketing idea was too twee. Good luck, and looking forward to seeing what you do. (ps I voted for wool/nylon but merino is a close second!)

  3. So exciting, and good luck hun! I voted 100% merino but would equally be happy with the BFL. I just dont like socks with nylon – although I know the benefits, they just feel harsh on my feet. There seem to be so many more sock yarn sellers who sell 25%nylon/75% wool yarn than 100% wool or 100% combo of natural fibres.

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