G is for….



Which is exactly how I’m feeling right now. I’m really feeling the need to vent or else I’ll explode. As many may know I am studying for a BSc, and during the academic year 05/06 my ME was really bad and I was unable to complete some of my modules. I had managed the coursework but not the exams so I had been allowed to retake these modules without academic penalty. I was also advised that if my lecturers agreed my coursework from the previous year could be taken into consideration as it was As and Bs and therefore not worth my while re-doing it as I already had got good marks for it. All went well for semester 1, my genetics coursework mark from the previous year was used and I pass everything.

Semester 2 has been a nightmare. I passed my exams (despite being pretty ill due to overdoing it whilst revising), but my overall module marks are fails as no-one has added on my coursework marks from last year. With the coursework mark added I worked out that I should get a B and a C. I queried this and after 3 weeks (which should have been replied to in 10 days) I received an e-mail saying that I had had to do the coursework and that I would need to speak to my course leader as a) the new work had to be in August 21st and b) they are worried about my progress.

I’m sorry, but if they hadn’t messed up my re-take year with my coursework marks then I can’t see that there is a problem. Is getting B’s and C’s in your second year bad? I was under the impression that it was pretty good and definitely cause for concern.

I hope I manage to calm down by tomorrow when I go and see them as at the moment I’m really annoyed. To make matters worse my final project has come to a standstill because the microbiology technician has retired and no-one has replaced them, and none of the other technicians are able to help, which means I won’t get my data before September meaning I’m going to be hard pushed to get everything done well, without some sort of relapse due to overdoing it and stress.

I think I need to go relax and knit to calm down.


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  1. Oh dear – try not to get too stressed (easier said than done I know). Make yourself a cuppa and do some knitting 🙂

  2. Oh hun, not good at all. I hope that you manage to sort it all out with the Uni, and I hope you make them aware that the additional stress they are causing you is not good for your health. Sending *hugs*

  3. How very, very aggravating for you. Hope the meeting went well! And if they do want you to plough through a mountain of coursework, hope they can be a little flexible with deadlines for you. Take care not to get too worn out.

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