Our rescue hamster Rufus passed away last night 😦 He took a turn for the worst yesterday afternoon, and was really weak and beginning to look poorly, we knew it was touch and go whether he would last the weekend and it appears he passed away in his sleep over night. We knew little of his history when we took him in but wanted to make up for the appalling treatment he had had from his previous owners. I like to think that he enjoyed his short time with us and it helped to make up for his mistreatment earlier on. This has in know way put us off adopting rescue hamsters, and I am glad that is was us that took him in and not a small child who’s first pet he may have been. Our only concern is that he had extremely bad diarrhoea yesterday and hamsters are prone to a condition called wet tail which is highly contagious (although only passed on through direct contact). We will be keeping a close eye on the others over the next few days as we had them all out in their balls on Friday.

On another sad note a friend of my mum’s passed away last night too, she had been suffering from cancer for a while but after her last course of chemo was told she had another few years left. She made it to her birthday (a few weeks ago) and then seemed to go down hill rapidly. I like to think that Rufus is somewhere with her keeping her company.

Recently many knitters have been complaining of startitis and the inability to settle on one project, this seems to have reached me now. I can’t seem to find a project that embraces me fully. I cast on the minisweater/boobholder and have been knitting on that fine hoping to wear it to London on Wednesday, but still don’t feel the love for the knitting, its all about the finished object. I’ve lost my sock mojo for the moment too. I’m trying to find a project that encompasses my attention fully and where the knitting is as important as the outcome. I also want to find an project that holds my attention and allows me to be fully immersed in it, to take to London on Wednesday. Last year I had a really really long wait to see the doctor at the hospital and I was wanting something that will allow me to immerse myself in knitting and a) make the time not seem so long and b) take my attention of the consult to come. I’m a pretty impatient person and get really antsy about waiting for things, which can’t be good the blood pressure, which is the main thing they test for when they see me. They take my blood pressure in both my arms and try to take it in both legs but this can prove a mammoth task. I have quite a large circumference around my thighs, they often have to connect two blood pressure cuffs together to get a reading and my calf are almost triangular, causing the top part of the cuff to inflate to a good pressure but the bottom part still to low in pressure but as they increase the pressure even more the cuff rips open. It is actually quite amusing to see how each different doctor tries to over come these hurdles every year without saying out right “I’m sorry Miss Copeman your legs are just too big”.

Susan from I’m knitting as fast as I can is having a 50% sale on her lace patterns for her birthday. I had two of the three so indulged and just got the third (Mountain Stream Scarf). I’m hoping that this small challenging project will be the perfect antidote to hours in the waiting room. Waiting to see the doctor can be stressful and emotional in many ways. There are always some very sick people there which would normally not upset me that much (i’m become accustomed to it through working in hospitals for 7+ years) but because I am there a patient and not a member of staff it has an effect on me. It can also be quite liberating in a way as it does make me realise how lucky I am; i lead a reasonably normal life and have never really had my heart condition stop me doing what I wanted (except getting a tattoo and several piercings, and with my phobia needles I doubt I would have had the courage anyway) and still doesn’t really. This mix of emotions, along with the stress of not knowing the consult (which is usually followed with great relief that all is fine, well, it had been for the past 3 years but only time will tell this year) makes this day tiring not only physically but also emotionally.

I have a busy day tomorrow get the yarn and roving purchased from the shop packaged up and then its off to the post office. I also have to order some more yarn blanks and plan the next dyeing session. I have already have some BFL roving coming but my keep some of that for myself as it is supposed to be a great learning fibre and I only have merino roving to go with my drop spindle. I will probably just get another 400g of both merino and wool/nylon sock yarn and dye up some different colours. Once I have a gallery of colours I will then be able to take custom orders, but for the time being I’ll just dye them and list them on etsy.

I’d better go I have a lace scarf to cast on and my fave program to watch.


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  1. I am so sorry to hear about both Rufus and your mum’s friend. I agree with you that it was much better for Rufus to be with you than in the hustle and bustle of a young family. I’m glad it hasn’t put you off rescue and I think Rufus was really lucky to have found a home with you.

    I shall be thinking of you on Wednesday. What about trying some lace socks? That is sure gonna keep your mind busy. Or maybe a different sock construction – what about a pair of Sidewinders?

  2. That’s sad about Rufus and your friend’s mum. I bet they are keeping each other company somewhere. I can’t bear animal cruelty. I’m glad he found you before the end of his short life, so kindness will be what he remembered most. I also have high blood pressure and go through a monthly ritual of having it taken with electric and manual equipment to try and make it lower. I have a lot of sitting around trying to relax while they wait to take it again. Ha ha. I’m a pill dodger, so it’s in my interest for it to be lower, maybe I should take some relaxing knitting with me next time! I also share your sock mojo. I’m finishing off a blankie today for my sister, whose baby was due last Fri, and then I am determined to finish a bloomin sock that I have been knitting forever. I like the Mountain lace shawl. I’ve never knit lace, but I am thinking I might join you on that one.

  3. I’m sorry to hear about Rufus and your mum’s friend.

    The Mountain Stream scarf looks like a lovely pattern – looks like the perfect knitting to take. Light and portable, but also interesting.


  4. So sorry to hear about Rufus and your mum’s friend. *hugs*

    Ah, the old knitting malaise…happens to the best of us…when this happens I opt for super simple projects out of pretty yarns, i.e. garter stitch scarves or the equivalent, to keep the needles moving a bit. It’s fretsome, but I bet you’ll be knitting like the wind again soon enough!

  5. sorry to hear about rufus…hope the others stay fine. also sorry to hear about your mum’s friend, hugs to both you and your mum.

    when i had startitis last week I settled on knitting some bootees and crocheting a tie. both are now done, so i have startitis all over again.

    will be thinking of you with hospital appointment. bet your thighs aren’t as enormous as mine…

  6. Just to echo the other comments I’m sorry to hear about Rufus & your Mum’s friend.

    Our rescue hamster Vince died a few months ago & we’d had her for 14 months. However she didn’t die in her sleep but had had a stroke I think. An unfortunate chain of events meant that I couldn’t have her put to sleep for a couple of days which was HORRIBLE.

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