I can spin?


I can spin?, originally uploaded by lyndsey-jane.

This was my first attempt at spinning on my drop spindle. I think I’m getting the hang of it but its difficult to tell as I have no-one to tell me if I’m doing it right or getting what I should.
Either way I really like the colours of the roving I’m using (Hand-dyed corriedale in Pluto from Hello Yarn) and as long as I’m enjoying myself I don’t care.
I’m going to have another go tonight and hopefully get some consistency going. It is such great fun and I enjoyed it so much that i’m thinking of getting another drop spindle (or 2) and my parents are thinking about getting me a wheel for xmas.

I’m hoping to get some dyeing done over the weekend, I have 500g of BFL roving and 400g 100% merino sock yarn, as well as 100g BFL laceweight.


About Lyndsey-Jane

I love to knit, spin and crochet, usually accompanied by music, a good book or good TV. I have had ME/CFS for 6 years and have been recently diagnosed with a type of inflammatory arthritis.

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  1. I have only ever spun a tiny bit (MAYBE enough for a small hat)- I quickly realized it was going to take a huge amount of time to be a real spinner and have decided to save it until all my kids are grown – something to look forward to!
    Have fun on your fiber spinning adventure!!!

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous colours – the spinning looks good too. Just keep practising (I was told to do at least 15 min per day when I started – it was good advice.)

  3. Looks good to me. I had a little go at spinning, and I remember that you need to have good “balance” with your yarn (I think that means that when its done it doesn’t twist too much or something). Someone on the Crafty Threads forum had a wheel up for sale, quite a good price too I think.

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