Animals, contest and toys!


Lots has been happening here but I’ve been so tired that I haven’t had the energy to blog about it all. A couple of days after Rufus died we lost another hamster. We are not bad owners I promise, he was 2 and half and died very suddenly. Literally one minute we saw him running around the cage about an hour later went to go give the hamsters some veg and he was dead. It was a real shock. Our other Roboroski hamster (his brother) is very frail and loosing his hair (although seems fine in himself, is eating fine and still runs on his wheel like a maniac) and we have been keeping an eye on him as he is so frail, but the his brother appeared perfectly fine.

Friday I had to go to the sorting office to pick up a parcel I had to pay customs on (some Lanaset dyes, can’t wait to give them a go) and this means walking past the pet store – not a safe thing to do with Karl, especially on pay day! We have four new additions to our family – 2 Chinese hamsters and 2 gerbils. We have named the gerbils Sooty and Sweep. Sooty is a ginger colour (just the puppet) and Sweep is black. We have yet to name the Chinese Hamsters – this is where you dear readers come in. I’m going to set a contest – choose names for our 2 new Chinese hamsters. I will post pictures tomorrow as need Karl to hold them whilst I snap. Karl and I will choose the winner (which will be our favourite name) but I will also choose a runner up randomly – so everyone is in with a chance, regardless of mine and Karl’s name preference. So, you want to know what you can win – I will post pictures of sock yarn from my stash you can choose from tomorrow, or if you don’t fancy any of that, you can choose something from my shop (at any update, the prize won’t have a time limit) or I will dye something specially for you.

To enter all you need to do is leave your answer in a comment to over the next 7 days. I will announce the winners 12th September.

Although I’ve been tired I have been knitting, in fact I have some FOs (again will post pictures tomorrow.) I finished the Lola Bunny and This Little Piggy, and have cast on for the Pirate Panda. I have also cast on the Hoodie for Harvey. Its going to take a while but I have until xmas so no rush.

I joined the Rugby World Cup knitalong over on Raverly and my project is the Deep V Argyle Vest. I’m hoping to complete it during the tournament. It is easy enough to do whilst watching TV but complicated enough to keep my attention. I also joined the 3rd round of the Monkey Sock Swap – I love knitting this pattern and am looking forward to deciding which yarn to use etc.

I have my appointment the first of my tests in London, my 24hr blood pressure monitor will be fitted on 17th Sept at 1130. I’m strangely excited about this as I get to visit Stash Yarns. In the past my regular check-up appointments have always fallen during their summer holiday, but this time they will be open. I think I may have to do some retail therapy.


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  1. I want to see pics of the new hamsters….so sorry about you losing one.

    My suggestions for names for the new Chinese Hamsters would be

    Sweet & Sour or
    Dim Sum & Won Ton

    (you can see where I’m coming from with these…..)

  2. Ooooh, new family members 🙂 I nearly ended up with another one the other day, as there was a rescue hamster needing a home but I just dont have the room atm. You will love the gerbils – ours are soooooo funny 🙂

    Names? Hmmm… Yin and Yang 🙂

    Glad you’ve got your appointment through quite quickly. And retail therapy sounds good 🙂

  3. A few suggestions for names using Mandarin slang, depending on whether they’re boys or girls:
    For a girl hamster:
    Kuh Ai (means ‘cute’ in Mandarin)
    Bao-Bei (precious/darling/sweetheart)
    Shao Jeh- little lady

    Or if you want to be a bit naughty:

    Jien Huo- cheep floozy

    For a boy hamster:
    Shwie- Handsome
    Puhn Yoh- Buddy
    Chai Neow- Oddball/goof

    Or the rude one:
    Bi Jweh- shut up

    (Sorry, I’m a Firefly geek, so I have a big list of Chinese slang words in the Serenity RPG book!)

  4. Sorry for your loss. 😦

    How about Daisy and Dandy or Frick and Frack? I have twins and when I was pregnant we called them frick and frack.

  5. So sad to hear about anothe hamster death, but great news re the new crew.

    As for names, how about
    Bam & Boo
    or Rick & Shaw

  6. Since my first (Ying and Yang) and 2nd (Chow and Mein) choices have already been taken, and I recently read Amy Tan’s Joy Luck Club – How about Joy and Lucky?

  7. I am going to stray from the easter theme and suggest names we had for our kittens years ago. Strappy and Strobie. (sounds like it looks with a long o) It is always fun to get new little critters!

  8. Well, Ying and Yang are taken. So what about Chai and Oolong? As drinking tea is therapeutic and so is watching hamsters.

  9. How sad to lose your pets. How about Ping and Pong for the new additions? I had a hamster called Barney when I was a kid and he was a real escapologist! He probably should have been called Houdini. 🙂

  10. I can’t wait to see pictures – I don’t think I have ever saw Chinese Hamsters.

    My guess at names would be Purl & Aran

  11. It’s always hard when a furry friend passes, and I’m glad you have new additions to the family. *hugs*

    Hmm names…what about Dumpling and (soy) Saucy? Though I do love Sue’s Ping and Pong, too!

  12. Okay, so you can’t do Lime & Violet. I understand. How about Side Show Husband and Kilt Boy?

  13. Okay, so you can’t do Lime and Violet. I understand. How about Side Show Husband and Kilt Boy?

  14. How about Bill and Ben?

    Also .. would you be able to tell me if your 2 males fight as i am planning on getting 2 chinese hamsters but i have been told by one person that 2 boys fight and another told me that 2 girls fight.

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