and the winner is….


  There are three winners to announce
1st prize – the names chosen for our Chinese hamsters
2nd prize – the names I really really wanted them to be called but Karl wasn’t so keen, but as I loved the names so much I’m giving a prize
3rd prize – random prize draw winner

1st prize goes to Adee and the hamsters are now called

Itchy & Scratchy

Karl is a HUGE Simpson’s fan, well done!

2nd prize goes to Rosie for suggesting Bam & Boo
I loved this idea, as it has the oriental theme as well as a knitting theme. I’ve knit with a bamboo blend once but the yarn was so so soft.

3rd prize (drawn from my notions case, I was going to use a hamster ball but they were in the cupboard and all my dyeing was in the way) goes to Sophie.

Hamster Drawing, originally uploaded by lyndsey-jane.

I will e-mail you all in turn to let you know what of the the prizes is still available. 1st place gets 1st choice etc.

well done to everyone, we’ve had great fun looking at your suggestions!


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