wip wednesday


wip wednesday, originally uploaded by lyndsey-jane.

After completing the Clementine Shawlette I have 3 three things on my needles. I know only 2 are pictured but I don’t have a photo of the third and its upstairs and I ‘ve just finished dyeing roving, have dinner to make and I want watch the footie (read as: can’t be assed to take photo right now)
The Sweet Pea socks are half done. They are really great knit i’ve just been lacking the sock mojo lately. They are for my Sock It To Me swap pal, so I had better get a move on.
The Deep V Argyle Vest in just divine! Love the pattern, love the yarn, love the colours. I’m actually further along than this now. I have the waist decreases done and am about to start on the on the bust increases and in a few rounds time I have to place the neck steek stitches.

We have decided on a winner for the Hamsters names, and will awarding a second prize also (this is a a name I really really liked but Karl wasn’t so keen on). We will be doing the draw for the random winner later tonight. I’ll try to post winners later tonight if not I promise they will be posted tomorrow.


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  1. Great knitting pics. I love the Deep V Vest – turquoise and chocolate are just such a beautiful combination, and its looking so neat 🙂

  2. Oooooh the deep V Vest is looking fabulous. I remember promising a friend i’d join her in making one of these (what was I thinking…i’ve only justtried my first attempt at fairisle)….she may have forgotten anyway 😉

    Lovely knitting pics…brill work.

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