Back to School


(no knitting content feel free to skip!)

Well University anyway.

Its going to be strange as I am part-time now so only doing 60 credits rather than 120 credits a year. This equates to 2 modules a semester rather than 4. I am enrolled on Human Pathology and Microbial Pathogenicity this semester. I am really looking forward to these as I like pathology and love microbiology and the lecturers for these modules are both really really nice as well.

I spend today making sure I had everything sorted for Monday’s lecture only to discover that the digital voice recorder I bought last year (pre-MacBook) isn’t compatible with my MacBook. I can still use it but have to listen direct from the recorder and can’t edit the gaps (i have a habit of putting it on the lecturers desk at the beginning of a lecture and forgetting to pause it during the coffee break). I like to record my lectures and store them on my computer with my notes to help with revision etc. I should be able to get a mac compatible one through uni as part of my disabled student allowance (DSA). When I had my original assessment they did ask if I wanted a voice recorder and I said that I already had one, little did I know that it wouldn’t work with a mac. I had a choice of a mac or pc laptop and asked for mac as I had been using my friends and really like it, plus I wanted something smaller than the 15″ laptops that were being given as the pc laptops.

I mananged to arrange a chair as well, so no more numb bums and aching shoulders and neck for me soon! I tried quite a few in the DSA office and the most comfortable was a Hoganasmobler 382. I nearly fell over when I received my copy of the quote, who knew comfort would be so expensive. I have a really really hollow back and found the lumbar air support on this one fanstastic for it. My LEA have agreed to it so I’m just awaiting delivery now. I’m also awaiting delivery of a wireless router thing – the thing which means I can use the wireless internet facility. I tried to get one through our internet provider but they wanted stupid amounts of money for it, so I spoke to uni and they said that as I needed to be able to work from my bed (for when my ME is bad) it would be part of my allowance. I suppose this means my over the bed table (which has been used a knitting table all summer) needs to be re-assigned to its proper duty.

I’m on a strict yarn diet now, as I have just priced up the books for one of my modules and it is £60 if i get 2 or £90 if I get all 3, i will probably just get the 2 as I won’t need them next semester whereas the books for the micro module will be useful for my micro specialism module next semester and for my dissertation the year after.

and to those of you that won yarn, I am so sorry for not having gotten around to posting it yet, the 2hr blood pressure test really drained me, it is so difficult to sleep with that thing on. It only goes off every 1hr during the night (as opposed to 30mins during the day) but its still a pain, and trying to get comfy with a cuff on your arm attached to a large ipod shaped monitor by rubbing tubing is just impossible. I promise to get in the post by the end of the week (unless your Rosie, in which case I’ll drop into your work sometime this week)

I’m off to think of an interesting joint or bone disease to write 1500 words about in the next 6 weeks.


About Lyndsey-Jane

I love to knit, spin and crochet, usually accompanied by music, a good book or good TV. I have had ME/CFS for 6 years and have been recently diagnosed with a type of inflammatory arthritis.

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  1. just thinking about all the preparation and sorting out you’re having to do makes me feel tired! I’m working slightly different days this week (I’ll be at the shop Mon, Weds and Fri) after that it is back to Sun, Mon and Tues. But put your health first! Hope you can get some rather more restful nights soon. And don’t Heffers do some buy-back offer on textbooks (you need to be good at keeping receipts in safe places to do this, not only that, you have to find the receipt again, but it might be worth a go!)

    How are Itchy and Scratchy?

  2. I just sent off your final package for the Sockittome Swap this week so it should be with you any day. Hope you like it.


  3. Would a frozen shoulder count as an interesting bone or joint disease…..mine is free to a good home!

  4. Just popped over after seeing you on Ravelry. I’m LiverpoolMaggie there as my Blog name was too long to use!

    Sorry to hear you have the DD – excellent that you’re getting plenty of help from your Uni. I began a part time degree course about a year after getting ill, but found the disability people weren’t enormously helpful. Plus I found the course fees crippling!

    Used to be a Med Lab Technician way back, and was working as a technician in Cytogenetics when I got ill 15 years ago.

    Best wishes from rather grey Liverpool

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