I have so much great stuff to share with you but I am still feeling ill, in fact i’m feeling worse. I was ok for a couple of days then things went bad again. In the good days I finished the main part of the Deep V Argyle Vest and have cut most of the steeks. I am really pleased with this, and all going well it will be down in time for Ally Pally.

I have a great parcel to share with you, including some fab socks, from my Sock It To Me Swap Pal, and I have almost finished my Pals socks.

Pictures and details to follow.


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  1. I’m so pleased your parcel arrived and I can stop commenting in secret (although I suspect you may have guessed my identity anyway) 🙂 Have a lovely weekend – I’m on cloud 9 as J and I have just been approved as adoptive parents….yay!!!!!!

  2. Sorry to hear you’re ill! Get well soon. And I’m very impressed that you’ve tackled steeks when feeling unwell. I’ve never dared try them ever.

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