I’m so exicted…


… and I just can’t hide it!

I have a new passion, sewing! The thing is the excitement is a bit premature as I haven’t actually done any sewing yet. I have the machine (in a box wrapped up in pretty pink paper, with strict instructions not be opened until Thursday) but I’m excited just looking at fabrics and deciding to what to make first. You see I HAVE to have some fabric to play with for the week end or else I’m just gonna sit a look at the thing – it needs to be used.

I’m a complete novice and really want to make bags – I love bags! I found a great shop and blog U-Handbag and contacted Lisa (the owner) for advice on a good beginner pattern. She is so nice and got back to me real quick suggesting this one – I promptly ordered it along with some interfacing. I will make the handbag first, then have a go at the drawstring bag. I think this will make a nice project bag for those projects slightly bigger than socks, but not too big to take out of the house. Hopefully it will be hear for Thursday.

Although Cambridge isn’t all that for yarn, the yarn shop, Sew Creative has ALOT of fabric. Whilst perusing several online stores I have fallen in love with the Kaffe Fasset range of fabrics and according the Sew Creative website they stock this range. Yay! It is going to take all my inner strength to sit through 3 hours of parasitology tomorrow morning before going to look (drool) at the fabric. I’m not buying anything yet as the material for my first project is part of my birthday present but I will price up what I like. I can then either try to find in London (if we have time), get Mum to order on-line for me or get the cash from Mum and go back to Sew Creative.

Do not think that I have forsaken knitting, I’ve been knitting quite a lot. I cast on Central Park hoodie (with Rowanspun Aran in a lovely tweedy brown) and have completed the back and about 3/4 of the left front. It is such a quick knit, I can see more of these in my future. I have completed the first Earl Grey sock for Keith’s birthday (another great pattern) and have just turned the heel on the Monkey sock for my Monkey Sock Swap Pal. These need to be finished by Thursday, but I think I may need the weekend to get them finished. Oops!

I have my MRI scan on wednesday, which is not something I look forward to. They’re not horrible in a painful, invasive proceedure way, or even unpleasant in a bearable but annoying pain way they just suck! I don’t even mind the claustrophobic atmosphere of the scanner, I just get BORED!!! Past scans have taken about 60-90 minutes and I find it difficult to lay still and not do anything for that length of time – unless I’m asleep. I have been known to fall asleep in the scanner but just as I doze off they wake me up by talking to me (through headphones) and asking me to hold my breath so they can take a picture. MRI’s are also very noisy, imagine lying in tube, and having someone sit on top and bang on it with a large hammer. The only good thing is I get to listen to music or the radio. I usually opt for listening to Radio 1 as that way it feels like I have a bit of company.

My new chair arrived today, so comfy, in fact more comfy than our bed at present, just waiting for the wireless router to arrive and I can sit up the table with my macbook on a comfy chair and write blog posts, at the moment i’m sitting on the floor in the middle of the lounge as the Ethernet lead doesn’t reach over the table. We had a move around to accommodate the new chair and the sewing machine. It also gives me more space to study.

I’m off to get some sleep or else I’m going to be to tired to celebrate of Thursday.


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  1. I’ve rediscovered my passion for sewing lately, and even have some of the Kaffe Fassett fabric – which is gorgeous and should make an appearance on the blog soon. A lot of ebay sellers do fat quarters of lovely fabrics, and you can often ask for a continuous half yard as well. Let me know if you need a seller’s name (or two!). Have fun!

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