Winter Coffee Swap Q & A


When did you first start drinking coffee?
My first memories of coffee where when I was quite young, and my mum would make me a very weak, very milky coffee and I loved it. This was a BIG treat as she was concerned about the caffeine and my blood pressure. (for those new to the blog, I was born with a heart condition and have always had high blood pressure).

I started to drink coffee seriously when I was about 19 and worked in a call centre. We had free drinks due to having to talk all day. At the time I didn’t like tea (and now I only drink loose tea and it has to be the good type) so I started to drink coffee – horrible machine coffee, but coffee nonetheless.

I now drink between 3-6 cups aday depending on whether I am at uni or not. I definetely drink more coffee at uni than at home.

What age were you?  
I was 19 when I worked in the call centre, and that appears to be have been the trigger.

Was it about the caffeine, or do you love the taste and smell?
I suppose it’s a bit of both. I love the smell and the taste, but I can tell if I haven’t had my normal quota of coffee that morning in my lectures.  I drink a lot (too much) Diet Coke and have a far unhealthier addiction to that than coffee. I can go 48hrs without coffee but 48hrs with Diet Coke and I get headaches and PMS type withdrawals. It’s actually quite scary when I think about it. Oh well, could be worse, could be crack!


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