When life gets in the way…


I thought I should just reassure you all that knitting (and sewing) is being attempted but Uni work has got in the way.  I was hoping to get some sewing done this weekend but so far – nothing. I even had to put the sewing machine away as I needed the table space for books 😦

I have three projects on the needles, the same as before, monkey socks, Harvey’s Hoodie and the Central Park Hoodie. I was making great progress on the CPH, I complete the back and left front in no time at all, but have come to a standstill on the right front. This is because I am not enjoying it, it is just I have no time. The knitting I am getting done are small bits here and there at uni on the Monkey socks.

I have ordered some great fabric to make Christmas gifts from. I plan on making a tote bag for my mum, and make-up bags for my step-sister and Karl’s sister. I found some Breast Cancer Awarness fabric, from a collection called Quilt Pink II. This is an american idea where the fabric is used to make quilts that are donated to oncology departements. The fabrics are lovely pink patterns and as my stepdad’s late wife died from breast cancer I know my Stepsister will be very happy. I hope to find time to make some Lavender bath bombs (I have the ingredients already) to put in the bags. If I find the time I will make more bags and give them to friends as presents but time seems to be scarce at the moment.

I am trying to motivate myself (today especially) by telling myself that if I get my assignment finished I can then start to cut the fabric for my bag. If this happens I will take photos and post later.

Oh well, the joys of bacteria are calling me


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