I got our tickets, yay, next June we are off to Wembley Stadium to see the Foo’s again. I also managed to get to uni in time to complete my lab work.

Last night I did a fair bit of sewing and almost completed the first of the make-up bags for christmas presents from the Quilt Pink fabric. I just have to work out how to put the zipper in this weekend. I am really pleased with how it has come out so far. The pattern doesn’t include a lining but using the same idea as used in the Amy Butler pattern I have I managed to include a contrast lining. Not bad for a novice – adapting only the second project I have ever sewed.

The Central Park Hoodie is coming on leaps and bounds. I decided to knit both the sleeves at the same time, on one circular needle. Apart from a few tangles with the two balls of yarn it is going well. I still have a lot to do but I think this way will help to alleviate the tedium that is knitting the second sleeve.

I’m off to bed know as I started to get a back ache earlier today and its getting worse. I ahd a nice hot bath (and used the eye teabags gifted from Wendy – which were gorgeous) which helped for a while but it has come back. I am going to try not to take any pain meds until later so they are working when I want to go to sleep.

Happy Thanksgiving to any American readers out there!


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