We got our wireless router delivered and set up today. I had been planning on getting one for a while but the cost was an issue, I mentioned this to student support and they said I would be entitled to one from my disabled student allowance, to help me to work from my bed when my ME/CFS is bad. So I write this post from the warmth and comfort of my bed! Yay!!!!! It is going to make my uni work so much easier, as I can sit up here in the warm and still access the internet. The signal isn’t great, it can be quite weak sometimes, as we have foil insulation in our ceilings from when the house was built and had ceiling heating, but it still works fine for my purpose.

I was in Borders Cambridge earlier on today and lo and behold I saw 5 copies of IK magazine on their shelf. I don’t know if other Cambridge knitters are aware of this, but I certainly wasn’t. I has made my week, my fave knitting magazine available in a local book shop.

I am also very happy as I have just ordered tickets to see Dancing on Ice Tour in April. My Mum absolutely loves the program and I am going to take her for her birthday (end of march). Unfortunately it couldn’t be a surprise as I wanted check she would be ok getting to Wembley Arena as she isn’t good on crowded trains but she says she’ll just have to ‘face the fear’ or failing that my brother-in-law is taxi driver and mum only lives about 1 hour away from wembley, so we are sure he can do us deal.

On knitting news, I am making slow progress on the CPH sleeves, but knitting both at the same time is much easier than I expected. I have this urge to cast on a pair of socks using my Sock Hop yarn but can’t decided what pattern would work best. Any ideas? I was looking for something that would bring out the best in this gorgeous yarn, but don’t want to just knit plain stockinette.

The Think Pink make-up bags are coming on well; apart from a few ‘zipper’ issues, they are pretty easy to make. If anyone has any tips on sewing a zipper into a bag please let me know. All the instructions I could find in my books and on-line are for inserting zippers into skirts etc, things with at least one open end, whereas I am trying to put a zipper into item where both ends are closed. I think that makes sense, it does to me, but that doesn’t mean much!

I know this blog has been lacking in knitting/sewing photos recently but all going to plan I hope to get some WIPs photo’d tomorrow, for a WIP Wednesday update.


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