UK Swap Questionnaire


Yes , I’ve joined another swap.

Part One: Crafting

Do you knit, crochet, or both?

I am a knitter and have been knitting for 2 years now

What do you like to make? Do you have a favourite project?

I like to make socks but more recently have been making sweaters and cardigans. I also like to make scarfs and wraps. Whatever takes my fancy really.

Do you have a favourite type of fiber or brand of yarn?

I knit with natural fibres and love merino, alpaca and silk blends. I’ve just knit a clapotis from Malabrigo and loved every second of it. Anything soft and squishy is good by my books.
Do you have a least favourite type of yarn?

I‘m not fond of scratchy wool and hate acylic yarns. I don’t mind a small amount blended with wool in sock yarn.

Do you do any other crafts?

I got a sewing machine for my birthday in november and have been busy making bags for christmas presnts. I finished the first bag for myself tonight. It’s so addictive. I really want to learn to quilt and hope to teach myself this year.

What knitting do you bring ‘on the go’?

Socks, they are so small and portable.

What do you carry your ‘on the go’ knitting in? Do you want something new?

At present I use a cosmetic bag from Cath Kidston, but would like something less rigid (it’s made from oilcloth so doesn’t squish down at all and can take up quite a bit of space in my bag). I would love something new, who wouldn’t, or even the fabric to make myself something new.

Are there any knitting gifts (book, toy, yarn, item, tool) that you have been lusting over?

I have an extensive list on, one dedicated solely to knitting books and a craft list including sewing and spinning books. I have a drop spindle but need alot more practice. I’ve always wanted some sock blockers but other than that I can’t think of anything.  Yarn wise anything nice and squishy and in nice colours.

Part Two: Your Favourites

What is your favourite colour? What is your least favourite colour?

I love green, browns and oranges at the moment – feel autumna colours. I do however also like pinks and purples. Any colour os good with me as long as it is bright, dark or jewel tones as I’m not a fan of pale or pastels. I’m also not keen on red (unless it s a deep burgundy, which could be classed as pink I suppose)

What scents/smells do you like? What don’t you like?

I love neroli. I also like lavender. There’s not much I don’t like but I’m not fond of sweet and floral scents. My fave smell at the moment is cinnamon.

How do you like to pamper yourself? (bubble bath, hand creams, massage, manicure)

All of the above. I have very sensitive skin so have to be careful what I use.

I am ok with most branded stuff as long as it is for either sensitive skin or dry skin. I can’t use Johnsons, Nivea, Olay or most own brands. I can use anything with salt in it e.g. salt scrubs or bath salts.

Brands I like use regulary are:

Lush, Liz Earle, Sanctuary, Soap & Glory, Boots Medittrean (esp. Almond, Pistachio and Milk range),  Burt’s Bees & Molten Brown.

(if  you would like a more extensive list just ask)
What goodies to you like to treat your tummy with? (chocolate, biscuits, truffles, etc.)

Again, all of the above. I am back on my diet but I do still allow myself a treat every so often. I’m a big fan of Hotel Chocolat but like most other chocolate, sweets and biscuits. I don’t like dried fruit or Jaffa cakes.

Do you prefer tea or coffee while you knit? Any particular kind? Favourite mug/cup?

I drink all of the above but mainly coffee. I like fresh coffee, with starbucks syrup. I have a few mugs I use on a regular basis, my plain starbucks mug (it fits my coffee filter it came with), a patterned starbucks mug and my new addition a spotty Cath Kidston mug bought for me by my mum, for no reason other she saw it and knew I would like it. The one these all have in common is they are large!

I do drink tea but only loose leaf tea. My favourite tea is Darjeeling. 

Do you listen to/watch anything while you knit? (TVshow-Along, movies, music, podcasts)

I often watch (or should that be listen) to TV whilst knitting. If there really isn’t anything (which seems to be happening more and more often these days) I listen to audiobooks (I subscribe to audible), podcasts (gotta love Lime N Violet and Cast On) or just music. I tend not to knit whilst watching movies as I like to devote 100% attention to the film. I may knit if Karl is watching a film i’m not too interested.

Part Three: Living & Past-times

Where do you live in the UK? (General idea not address)


Have you always lived here, or did you grow up somewhere else?

I’ve lived in lots of places, I moved to Cambridge 4 years ago to go to Uni and am still here, well I’m still at uni but we don’t plan to move once I graduate

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Probably Canada and New Zealand.

If you couldn’t go to a knitting group, what other kind of gathering would you go to? (book club, tea party, yoga class, jewelery class, etc.)

I don’t go to my local knitting group that often as I have ME/CFS and find after a week at uni I need saturday to recuperate, plus I like to spend weekend with Karl. They do meet on a Tuesday night too, but after lectures I am to tired. I am more of a virtual member. I have told myself that I must try to attend more meeting. I would probably go to film night or maybe a cookery class (not that I can’t cook, I can, but I’d love to learn more)

What’s your style? (elegant, traditional, glamourous, girly, natural, sporty, outgoing, etc.)

Weird! I don’t really have a style and I’m kinda just me. I’m definitely not smart, elegant or sporty. I tend to wear Jeans, Crocs, Buffalos or DMs, with long sleeve t-shirts layered under short-sleeved t-shirts. On my smartish moments I’m  supposed I’m quite bohemian. I often wear skirts/dresses over jeans. I only own one pair of trousers that aren’t jeans and only wear heels when made to for weddings etc.

Final Part:

Any allergies/preferences (fiber-wise or treat-wise)?

I am allergic to mohair and angora. I am also allergic to cats and dogs so if you have them, can you keep them away from my parcel or let me know so I can wash yarn before I use it.

Anything we missed that you’d like your partner to know?

I can’t think of anything but feel free to e-mail me and ask anything you like. 


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  1. Wow, with your allergies, you sound just like my sister – Jenn S. on the Hot Cocoa Swap! I never knew anyone else with the tomato issue, and definitely not the total combination! How coincidental!


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