feeling better


Thank-you to everyone that sent me well wishes, I’ve a couple of good days lately so fingers crossed!

I have been busy with the knitting and sewing though, my tank top just needs the side seams seaming, I started a baby jacket for a swap pal’s baby which just needs the arms sewn in (do you sense I hate seaming) and have started a new sock with some alpaca sock yarn from a swap pal. On the sewing front, I have made a lovely pink bag, which I think I will gift to my swap pal to use as a small project bag. I was unsure if I was going to gift this when I started to make it as I hadn’t made this pattern before and wasn’t sure how it would turn out – but I am pleased with the result.

We have a strange hamster situation going on, last night Karl went to get Mr Bob out to put him in our new hamster toy (a hamster playpen – so simple, yet so genius) and he appeared dead. It was late so Karl put him back in his cage, and was planning on burying him today.  Karl went back to the cage today to get Mr Bob ready for burial, but although he is unresponsive, he just doesn’t look dead. He is still soft and floppy (unlike prevous dead hamsters who look dead and are very hard and stiff) and just doesn’t look like other dead hamsters – we are wondering if he is in hibernation. We’ve put him in a much warmer room and will leave him overnight – if he is still unresponsive but soft and not looking dead tomorrow, I think I will pop to the vet to ask them. There are so many stories of hiberbating hamsters being buried that I don’t want to risk it. If we hadn’t have seen other dead hamsters we probably wouldn’t be worrying but he just looks wrong for a dead hamster.

I hope to take some photos of the wips and fo’s tomorrow and post them


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  1. Hope your hamster was just in hibernation mode!

    Glad you’re feeling a bit better and hope you get into a good patch; empathise with you as I’m a knitter with ME too.

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