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We got our new oven installed yesterday, and plan on making use of it tomorrow afternoon. I’m afraid I’m not making anything too exciting as I have been slipping from my diet over the past week and really need to get back on track. I plan to make some oatcakes and some flatbread, so I can more varied bases for my snacks.

Talking of my diet, I took my 8 week questoinnare today, sligthly early but I have a very busy week, and was pleasantly surprised. My health score 8 weeks ago was 49.9%, today it was 70.9%. I’m am very pleased. My BMI is still too high and I am still classed as obese but defineteyl feeling healthier. I am thinking of getting some more scales as I the ones I have are very old, and I don’t fully trust them. I feel like I have lost more than 10lbs and everyones says I look like I have lost more too. I don’t actually own a pair of trousers that fit me anymore – my boyfit jeans are wearable but need a belt round the waist and my boot-cut jeans aren’t wearable because the cut of them makes so uncomfortable when too baggy. I remember buying the two pairs of boyfit jeans last summer and they were a tad too tight round the thighs but I wore them with a skirt/dress until I lost some weight. They are now baggyfit jeans!!! I’m trying to hold off buying new clothes until April, for two reasons 1) my student loan goes in then, so I can actually afford to to buy clothes b) I hope to loose more weight and getting new clothes now kinda seems silly if they to are going to be too big over the summer.

My first quilt top


My first quilt top, originally uploaded by lyndsey-jane.

I was convinced I had blogged about this, but i haven’t. I think I may uploaded the photos when our internet connection was playing up.
I cut and pieced this over the 2 weekends and really enjoyed it. It is a kit by Moda (Splish Splash) which I found at an online shop (can’t remember which one) for half price and thought it would be a good way to try my hand at quilting.
The kit contained a charm pack (5″x5″ squares) and full instructions. It is far from perfect and more like a crazy log cabin due to the numerous unstraight lines. However, for a first attempt I am pleased and Karl has already asked that be included in the hamper for his Brother’s baby (due in June). I just need to find the perfect material for binding and backing. I am thinking either a yellow or orange and these are pretty unisex.

I bought two appliqué/quilting kits which arrived yesterday. Both are by Rachels of Greenfield, the Cat Tails is hopefully going to be for part of my Mum’s birthday’s present (as long as I can get it done my the end of March) and Best Friends is either for me, or whoever I decide might like it. I have cut out all the pieces (cotton and woolfelt) for mum’s and pieced the cotton background together, I just need to take some of the felt into John Lewis to get some coordinating thread for the appliqué.

I also started a new bag today as the Carpet Bag (pics on flickr) is in time out after misbehaving whilst I was trying to sew the ribbon on. I have cut out all the pieces for the Amy Butler Drawstring bag (2nd pattern in the In Town Bags pattern). I have found a new love for this pattern now I realize it can be made with 5 (or more) fat quarter pack. I bought fat quater pack of pink, blue and purples (pink & purple are batik) from John Lewis for about £10 and probably have enough left to make another of these bags but with fabric in different order. The looks like it will perfect as small knitting project bag.

I’ll take photos of the sewing projects over the weekend, as well as blog about my Hot Cocoa Swap parcel.

p.s it looks we are going to get a new oven!!!


Cake Emergency


If I could, I would be physically moving the oven to the naughty step. I had been hoping this post would be full of glorious  pictures of equally gorgeous food but alas no, the oven has decided to stop working.

I had the baking bug earlier today and flipped through Nigella and checked the cupboards and decided to make:

Victoria Sponge



I had prepared the sponge cake and was ready to put it in the oven, but when I opened the oven door, no warmth nothing! After turning it off and on again still nothing. I was all ready to put it in the bin (the cake mixture that is, not the oven although that would good right now) when mum phoned and suggested the microwave. We do have a microwave, but all I use it for is to warm milk. Surprisingly,after transerfing the mixture to a glass casserole dish and 6 minutes on high, it was cooked, apart from a small amount at the bottom when I turned it out, but 5 minutes under the grill and we have edible cake.

It may not look much, but it does taste good. Luckily, I choose the more extravgant Nigella resipe using 4 eggs, which produces a cake that is light and moist and needs no messing with after. It is so good it seems a shame to put icing, jam, cream etc on or in it.

After the nightamre in the kitchen, I am not cooking dinner, Karl can eat cake and have bacon rolls if he wants but I am hiding (sulking) upstairs with Dancing On Ice, Kingdom and then a film (Atonement)

To cheer myself up I decided to swatch for the Mirepoix Bodice. I bought some Drops Alpaca in the corresponding colours and was a bit anxious about getting gauge. After casting on the required number of stitiches and completing a couple of rows, I noticed the stitches were not gliding along one of the needles, on closer examination I found the culprit – a spliter which I found because it stuck in my finger. I know need to contact Get Knitted and see if they replace it. The needle in question was one of the 3.5mm from my Knitpicks Harmony Options. I LOVE these needles so much, so am really disappointed about this.

Karl’s Cobblestone is coming on well, and I’ve completed the first part of the body and 3/4 of the first sleeve. I’m almost scared to pick up any knitting in case that goes wrong too. I feel jinxed today!

Not your ordinary stitching


I am so addicted to this! I love my sublime stitching kit and book, and have more on the way, as present it is still between US and UK somewhere.
My first attempts weren’t so bad, but for some reason the photos were, these three were done over the weekend, whilst listening to the last few chapters of Outlander.
They are on a basic teatowel which I will show when finished.
I still can’t seem to get chain stitch and at present am happy using back stitch, split stitch and french knots. The french knots on the centre cake were my very first ever! No practicing just straight in.

Pay It Forward


PIF socks, originally uploaded by lyndsey-jane.

I joined Pay it Forward through Stariel and she sent me these gorgeous socks. They are knit with Yarn Pirate and I love them. They are a perfect fit (even better than some I’ve knit myself) and are quickly becoming my ‘must wear’ socks.
Included with the socks was a packet of Boston Baked Beans – sugar coated peanuts which reminded me of peanut m&ms without the chocolate.
Thank you Stariel!

changing colours


With the diet going well, and my energy levels increased I decided I fancied a change, not being able to afford to get my hait dyed at the hairdresser (and not wanting to get it cut just yet, even though it really needs it, as I want a bit more length at the front first) I decided to dye my hair. I’ve been dyeing my own hair on and off since I was about 16. The only rule I  have is that I never lighten my hair myself, but doing redder ot darker is fine.

I chose the Loreal Experte in colour 6.3 Golden Hazelnut (light golden brown), I know that this will give me a more red tone than on the packet as I have a lot of red naturally in my hair but I accounted for this in my choice. Karl prefered a slightly redder colour but I pointed out that the end result will be redder than that so we opted for my choice. Karl is a great help and makes sure that I get even coverage all over.

I hope to have photos of the end result soon, at present I’m waiting for the dye to develop before I wash it off and add the other colour on top.

Fingers crossed!

Peapod Baby Sweater



Peapod Baby Sweater, originally uploaded by lyndsey-jane.

I love this pattern!
Pattern: Peapod Baby Sweater Set by Kate Gilbert for Interweave Knits
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino
Buttons: John Lewis

This has been knit for my Hot Cocoa Swap pal’s little girl. I knit the 6mths size, even thought he baby is only 3mths as I wanted her to grow into it and get as much wear from it as possible. More photos and the hat can be seen on flickr or ravelry.


Thank you to everyone for the kind words on my bag, they were greatly appreciated.

I am feeling really good today and put it down to my new diet. I had a really really busy day yesterday as I was in university all day. Yet although having a lie in today (and expecting to have to spend the day in bed) I just couldn’t lie around doing nothing. I felt I had to get up and do stuff. So if i feel like this every week, Saturday will officially be Craft day. I can do uni work on Sunday and Monday and have Saturday solely for knitting and sewing.

To make things better the Six Nations has started, so I get 3 rugby matches a weekend to watch. My plans for this Saturday are:

Finish Miss Bean for my Hot Cocoa Swap pal

Start the body of Cobblestone for Karl

Work on my Carpet bag Well worth looking at the one’s that Lisa (shop owner) links to. They are amazing and the reason I chose to make this pattern.

Karl has just popped out to Tesco’s but when he gets back I’m going to see if he can take some pictures of me modelling my finished Central Park Hoodie. I wore it to uni yesterday and although it was a really cold day, I was nicely snug. I love weather like that as I get to wrap up in handknits and not be cold. I was really wearing the hand knits yesterday, I had 4 hand knits on: Foliage hat, Clapotis scarf (knit with the oh-so-soft Malabrigo), Monkey socks (knit with Fleece Artist Seawool, from my Monkey Swap pal) and my Central Park Hoodie. I did notice however that I am lacking in some handknit mittens. I have some orange and brown DK yarn that I am thinking of using for the Squirrel & Oak mittens from Hello Yarn.

We have new additions to the family too, yesterday we got two female roborovski hamsters. Haven’t got any pictures yet, but we will be adding to their cage tomorrow (we didn’t want to overwhelm then with huge cage at first, so let them settle into a just the base unit for a couple of day) so photos should be posted then. They are so sweet and Karl and I both came up with the same names for them. I had thought of Sugar and Spice but decided to let Karl choose the names, as I came up with the names for the gerbils, and whilst walking to bus stop last night he said, “shall we call then Sugar and Spice?”

Ok, back to Miss Bean and the Rugby – perfect!