Cake Emergency


If I could, I would be physically moving the oven to the naughty step. I had been hoping this post would be full of glorious  pictures of equally gorgeous food but alas no, the oven has decided to stop working.

I had the baking bug earlier today and flipped through Nigella and checked the cupboards and decided to make:

Victoria Sponge



I had prepared the sponge cake and was ready to put it in the oven, but when I opened the oven door, no warmth nothing! After turning it off and on again still nothing. I was all ready to put it in the bin (the cake mixture that is, not the oven although that would good right now) when mum phoned and suggested the microwave. We do have a microwave, but all I use it for is to warm milk. Surprisingly,after transerfing the mixture to a glass casserole dish and 6 minutes on high, it was cooked, apart from a small amount at the bottom when I turned it out, but 5 minutes under the grill and we have edible cake.

It may not look much, but it does taste good. Luckily, I choose the more extravgant Nigella resipe using 4 eggs, which produces a cake that is light and moist and needs no messing with after. It is so good it seems a shame to put icing, jam, cream etc on or in it.

After the nightamre in the kitchen, I am not cooking dinner, Karl can eat cake and have bacon rolls if he wants but I am hiding (sulking) upstairs with Dancing On Ice, Kingdom and then a film (Atonement)

To cheer myself up I decided to swatch for the Mirepoix Bodice. I bought some Drops Alpaca in the corresponding colours and was a bit anxious about getting gauge. After casting on the required number of stitiches and completing a couple of rows, I noticed the stitches were not gliding along one of the needles, on closer examination I found the culprit – a spliter which I found because it stuck in my finger. I know need to contact Get Knitted and see if they replace it. The needle in question was one of the 3.5mm from my Knitpicks Harmony Options. I LOVE these needles so much, so am really disappointed about this.

Karl’s Cobblestone is coming on well, and I’ve completed the first part of the body and 3/4 of the first sleeve. I’m almost scared to pick up any knitting in case that goes wrong too. I feel jinxed today!


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  1. Mmmm, nice cake! I have ordered some Drops Eskimo today, never used their yarn before so am looking forward to receiving it!

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