We got our new oven installed yesterday, and plan on making use of it tomorrow afternoon. I’m afraid I’m not making anything too exciting as I have been slipping from my diet over the past week and really need to get back on track. I plan to make some oatcakes and some flatbread, so I can more varied bases for my snacks.

Talking of my diet, I took my 8 week questoinnare today, sligthly early but I have a very busy week, and was pleasantly surprised. My health score 8 weeks ago was 49.9%, today it was 70.9%. I’m am very pleased. My BMI is still too high and I am still classed as obese but defineteyl feeling healthier. I am thinking of getting some more scales as I the ones I have are very old, and I don’t fully trust them. I feel like I have lost more than 10lbs and everyones says I look like I have lost more too. I don’t actually own a pair of trousers that fit me anymore – my boyfit jeans are wearable but need a belt round the waist and my boot-cut jeans aren’t wearable because the cut of them makes so uncomfortable when too baggy. I remember buying the two pairs of boyfit jeans last summer and they were a tad too tight round the thighs but I wore them with a skirt/dress until I lost some weight. They are now baggyfit jeans!!! I’m trying to hold off buying new clothes until April, for two reasons 1) my student loan goes in then, so I can actually afford to to buy clothes b) I hope to loose more weight and getting new clothes now kinda seems silly if they to are going to be too big over the summer.


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  1. I hate clothes shopping. Bleh!

    45 minutes of yoga and hop on the treadmill for a few miles… and then I’ll be ready for the potatoes to be pried from my cold, dead fingers. šŸ˜›

  2. Congrats on the weight loss! … just letting you know that I will be posting your parcel this weekend so it should be winging its way to you on mon/tues next week! I’ve enjoyed stalking you and hope that I have managed to find things that you will like!

    Your secret pal from the UK Swap šŸ™‚

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