Big Ambitions


My mum has finally decided to set the date for her wedding and I have decided that I want to make myself a dress for the occasion. I was in John Lewis recently and fell in love some fabric in there which i perfect for nice dress for a wedding. It is poplin and has a green and blue flower and leaf pattern on a white background and they also have some coordinating plain green fabric too. I spoke to mum and she says she will help me I need it. I plan to go get the fabric sometime next week so will let you all see once I get it. I have narrowed it down to two patterns and will probably buy both and decide once I’ve read the instructions etc. the choice is between this (view B) and this (view A) – both are simple yet elegant. I also want to make a matching bag as well. I have been looking at the Amy Butler patterns and settled on of two, either Kimberly or Velma. I think I prefer Velma but it looks a little more difficult, so I will probably order both from U-handbag and read through the instructions before I decide. I want a bag that is just the right size too, nothing too big but big enough to be able to put everything in. I’ve used nice little bags at weddings before and then had to carry cameras etc separately or palm them of on Karl. The wedding isn’t planned until the end of sept so there is no immediate hurry other than I want to get the fabric now in case they stop stocking it. I also would like to knit a lace stole as part of my outfit and knowing what I am wearing now allows me start the knitting sooner rather than later. I was going to knit the stole in an undyed yarn and dye it once it was finished and I had my outfit planned, but I think I will get some jaggerspun zephyr in either green or blue and use that. I am undecided about what stole to knit but my favorites so far are:
(all below are ravelry links)

Honeybee stole
Blue Ribbon Sampler Stole (I still haven’t found anywhere to buy this pattern from yet, which is a shame as I really like it)
Arabesque Stole
Lacy Lattice Stole

I have just finsihed weaving in the ends of Karl’s Cobblestone and it I am unsure if it is going to fit him. If I can block it to the measurements in the pattern in will be fine but if it doesn’t block up much bigger then I have just inherited a nice sweater. I have promised him that if it is too small I will order the the yarn for the next size up and knit him a new one. Although I started this one in October it was neglected over Xmas and more recently whilst I did other knitting so if I work on it monogamously it shouldn’t take me longer than a few weeks. I’m off to watch Dexter and block the Cobblestone – wish me luck!

I would love to hear your views on the dresses/bags I have chosen.


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  1. Wow, you’re setting yourself some challenges!! I like B most and I like the Velma bag. I’ve made a couple of Amy Butler bags before and her patterns are really easy to follow. The stole I’m not sure on, I can’t seem to like them, although the sampler one is interesting and very quilt like, so I’d love it for that reason!
    Have a lovely Easter. x

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