Spring Fling Coffee Swap Questionnaire



1. What is your preference? Whole beans or ground?

Definetely ground as I don’t have a grinder
2. What kind of coffees do you enjoy? A rich, bold roast; a light, fresh one, or something in between? Leaded or non?

I like a nice medium roast, nothing to strong but not too weak either. Caffeinated is good as I have plenty of decaf at the moment

3. If you were headed out right now to buy some coffee for the house, what would you be picking up?

I actually bought some coffee yesterday. I medium to strong roast, I do like to buy Fair Trade if I can, and organic if the price isn’t too high. My fave starbucks coffee at the moment is their Cinnamon Dolce Latte – to die for!

4. Do you drink for caffeine, pleasure, or both?

Both!!! I do have a caffeine problem, I drink a lot of diet coke too. In the morning it’s definitely more for the caffeine but I do really enjoy a nice large cup of coffee. 

5. Do you enjoy flavored coffees? How about add-ins or flavored creamers?

I like flavoured coffee;s (esp. vanilla, hazelnut and cinnamon) and like syrups in my coffee. I have vanilla in house always and have been trying to find some sugar-free syrups, but they seem rare in this country, in anything other than 1l bottles.

6. A large, lovely mug or a small, dainty cup?

Large mug! I have a couple of faves,both from Starbucks. One was gifted to me in a swap the other came with my one-cup filter. I use my travel mug a lot as I drink a cup on the bus on the way to University and then get it filled at Starbucks. I would love a larger travel mug (mine is Starbucks tall size) and I would love a grande size one.

7. Describe your perfect cup – not JUST the coffee, but how you’d enjoy it!

Medium to strong roast latte with cinnamon syrup and cinnamon sprinkled on it. Drunk from a large thick mug I can wrap my hands around. I would be sitting somewhere nice knitting with my mum and having a gossip. Most importantly she would have allowed me to pay for it. On a plate next to me would be a cinnamon danish.

8. You’re sitting down to enjoy a nice cup in the local coffee shop, knitting bag in hand, iPod all tuned up – or maybe you’re there with a few friends for knit night! What treat do you pick up to enjoy with your coffee? A sweet, rich brownie, or something more healthy? How about a salty treat? What goes best with that great cup and company?

See above – Cinnamon danish.


1. Do you knit or crochet?


2. What are your favorite types of yarns to work with?

Merino, silk, cashmere, alpaca – anything natural except angora and mohair (i’m allergic) I’m knitting a shawl with some malabrigo lace at the moment and love it.

3. What do you have on the needles (or hook!) right now?

Swallowtail Shawl – malabrigo lace in glazed carrot

Bellatrix socks – STR lightweight in Obsidian

I plan to cast on for a sweater soon so will update when I’ve decided what to stash yarn to use and what pattern. 

4. What are your favorite colors in yarns? What about those that you’d never find in your stash?

I like most colours. At the moment I love turquoise, bright blue, lime green and bright orange – very spring. I also like autumn colours – brown, olive greens and dark oranges. Like most females you can’t go wrong with pinks and purples. Not a fan of red unless it is very deep and dark (like a nice red wine)

5. What sort of needles or hooks do you enjoy using? Any you just detest?

I got some Knitpicks Harmony needles (options & dpns) for christmas and haven’t used anything else since. I find metal and plastic hurt my hands, so prefer wood or bamboo – but I do love my harmonys.

6. Are there any particular notions you absolute do NOT need? Some of us swap a lot – are you sure that you have enough tape measures to last your lifetime? Enough stitch markers to mark every stitch of a 10 foot wide afghan?

Still don’t have too much of anything. I can always use T-pins if I have partner from US/Canada as I can’t seem to find anywhere in UK that sells them and they are perfect for blocking.

7. You walk into the yarn shop and have exactly and only enough money to purchase 2 skeins of yarn in their 2 for 20 special they have going..The choices are a soft, thick cotton/viscose blend in your favorite colors, slightly variegated..a beautiful sock yarn that’s just squishy and sproingy in your hands.. a soft, worsted weight wool like malabrigo.. and a lovely bamboo blend with colors to just die for. Which do you walk out the door with?

I would be very close between sock yarn or worsted weight (but only if it was a soft as malabrigo). I love sock yarn but do have quite a bit (you can never have too much) but it would have to be something very different/special. I’m loving lace at the moment so I would be disspointed there wasn’t any laceweight in the special.


1. We’re starting sign-ups on the first day of Spring – is it already truly Spring-like where you are?

No!!!!! I’ve just go tback from opticians and its cold, windy and rainy. We have snow and very cold temperatures forecast for the Easter weekend.

2. What’s your favorite spring flower? Do you have one?

Not a fan of real flowers as I have bad hayfever. I do however like floral things, especially those with big, bold, bright, modern flowers on.

3. What do you most look forward to about springtime?

Being able to wear my crocs without getting cold, damp feet. Wearing bright colours and sitting in the sun eating lunch at university.
4. They’ve predicted a gorgeous day tomorrow – Sunny and about 65 with a nice breeze – how do you spend your day?

Sitting by the river knitting and drinking ice coffee.

5. The day after, it’s going to be cooler and pouring down rain – does that impact your mood? How do you spend that day? what helps cheer you up?

Snuggle up in a comfy place with a large cup of coffee and knit or sew.

Odds n Ends

1. Do you collect anything BESIDES yarn and needles?

Fabric- I’ve just started sewing and quilting and my stash is very small.

2. Are you allergic to anything?

Cats, dogs, rabbits, mohair & angora. (also tomatoes but not really relevant for this swap)

3. Do you have pets?

5 hamsters and 2 gerbils

4. Is this your first swap, or are you an old pro? What are the last 2 swaps you participated in?

I’ve been swapping for a while.

Last swaps I was in were:

UK Swap (parcel to be posted after Easter weekend)

think pink (via Ravelry)

Hot Cocoa Swap

5. List 3 of your favorite blogs – craft related or not – and tell us why you love them.

U-handblog – great bag making advice and tutorials

Yarn Crawl – Robin is such a prolific knitter

Yarn Harlot – laugh out loud funny 


5 responses »

  1. Is it spring-like, indeed? Hasn’t today been really ghastly weather? Hope you can spend the weekend doing cozy indoor things!

  2. Our household usually call cups with dainty handles “finger traps”. 😛

    The weather here across the Atlantic has been very rainy; several states to the west of us suffered severe flooding and are still cleaning up the mess. The trees and flowers are starting to bud and bloom since the weather in our little corner has been unseasonably warm. I think allergy season is right around the corner.

  3. Love, Love, Love your Blog!

    Spring is certainly taking it’s time arriving here.Snowed here last night about 3 inches. It is the “HEAVY” kind!

    Knit On!

  4. You were randomly selected to be the subject for my Spring Fling Coffee and Yarn Swap Weekly Topic! Congratulations! Lol. So I just thought I’d at least drop a line and say hello! 🙂

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