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blood pressure update


it appears that my bp isn’t much lower than it normally is 120/72 this morning, but the GP still feels it is best if  I half the dosage of Amlodipine – she just wants me to double check with brompton first. Being the strange one that I am, i have a higher pressure in my right arm and lower in my left due to the place where my aorta is narrow. The reading today was from my high arm so it is reasonable to say that pressure in my other arm is lower than is accepted as ‘normal’ but my appointment being at 8.30 in the morning I forgot to get her to check both arms. I can home after uni and fell asleep, so have to contant brompton tomorrow.

Meeting at uni went well, we have great looking presentation for genetcs, with good content and within the specified time frame so as long the sky doesn’t fall in over Cambridge all should be good on Friday.

when weight loss is not a good thing


I don’t mean extreme size 0 weightloss, I mean controlled weightloss that is needed. This time last year I weighed 15st 7lbs and at 5ft 2″ this is considered clinically obese. I decided it was time to do something, and over the past year I have steadily lost weight and now weigh 11st 7lbs (which is still overweight for my height and my BMI still high) but due to my pear shaped figure I am a UK 10 top and UK 14 bottom so if I was to loose much more weight I would look gaunt and bony on my top half.

In most respects losing this weight has actually been quite easy for me, just eating sensibly and healthy. I have acheived it all through eating less and better as due to my chronic fatigue I am unable to do excercise. I am now in the postion where I need to try to do some light muscle excercises to tone up my arms, tummy and thighs – hopefully once univeirsyt finished for the summer I will have the energy to do this.

I can see you wondering how the weightloss has been a bad thing i will exlpain.

First off, it has been expensive, but not so much the food but having to buy new clothes as my old ones are now way to big. Although shopping for clothes is now a fun activity as opposed to the depressing activity it was due to nothing fitting or looking good, I now see things that I like and can wear and will fit me and I want to buy. The expensive has been slightly reduced due to having a Tesco so close wear I can pick up jeans for £15 and some nice t-shirts for between £2 and £10.

The second, and more annoying at present, but in the long run is actually a good thing is that my blood pressure appears to have dropped. I have been on meds for high blood pressure for years (over 10 now) because of my congentical heart problem. I was always told that my weight didn;t effect my blood pressure and weight loss would help it to drop – as ever I seemed to have proved them wrong. For the past few months I have been sufferign from dizzy spells especially on standing from a sitting and lying down. It has gradualy got worse over the past month so I decided it was time to mention it to someone. The clinical nurse at the Royal Brompton says it sounds like I have typical postural hypotension (low pressure on standing from a sitting/lying position) and it is probably due to my loosing weight and my meds being to strong for me. Never did I think I would be making an appointment to see my doctor about my blood pressure being too low. Although this is a good thing, it is annoying as it means more tests (more then likely another 24 blood pressure test which I hate), more trips to the doctor and messing around with the meds till the right dosage is found, it also means in the meantime I have live with the dizziness. I try to remember to stand slowly but often forget and then lurch forward as my headrushes. I know in comparison to some problems this is small but it is happening more and more often. I managed to snag a canceled appointment for tomorrow morning, so I will just have to see what my GP says. I am hoping she is happy to deal with it as I know my consultant is very busy at the moment and can’t bring my annual appointment forward unless it is a real emergency (i.e. lifethreatening) but the thought of dealing with this until Sept is not good. Unfortunately, my GP does tend to pass the buck as far my heart is concened and leave it too him, which is no bad things as he is a leader in the treatment of my condition in adults but nonetheless I want it sorted!!!

Anyway rant over! I am off to sort out dinner – roast tomatoes and warm goat’s cheese salad. Hmmmm!!!

Fabric & Yarn

Fabric & Yarn , originally uploaded by lyndsey-jane.

I finally have the fabric and yarn for my outfit for mum’s wedding, all I have to do know is make it. The printed fabric will be used for the dress and exterior of the handbag, with a small amount of the contrasting plain fabric used on the dress and for the lining of the bag. The yarn (which is Baruffa Cashwool) is due to become Honeybee stole. The colours are more vibrant in real life, except the turquoise which seems much brighter in the photo.
I seen the most gorgeous pair of shoes that would go brilliantly with this outfit but am unsure if I can justify the price – for those interested they are Imelda in lime and can be found here.

I have also bought the same printed fabric in the purple colourway which I plan to make a skirt with, pictures on flickr.

Whose line is it anyway? Results


So i thought I’d let you know the answers to the movie quote meme

1. Clerks

2. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

3. Sliding Doors

4. Four Weddings and a Funeral

5. My Fair Lady

6. Dead Poet’s Society

7. About A Boy

8. Dogma

9. Talented Mr Ripley

10. The Breakfast Club

As you may be able to tell I love Audrey Hepburn, Kevin Smith movies and have a weakness for British Rom Coms.

Well Done to those who guessed correct.

Who’s line is it anyway?


Saw this on Knitdevil and thought I’d play

Movie Meme

1. Pick 10 of your favorite movies.
2. Go to IMDb and find a quote from each movie.
3. Post them on your blog for everyone to guess.
4. Strike it out when someone guesses correctly, and put who guessed it and the movie.
5. Looking them up is cheating, please don’t. If you do, a big thug named Guido will pay you a call. Naw, not really, but I’ll be sad that you’re a cheater.

1. I’m not even supposed to be here today! Clerks

2. Timber!

3. Well, two things really. One, you’re still counting how long you’ve been apart in days – and probably hours and minutes – but the big-flashing-red-light way of telling you’re not really over someone is when you’re still reading their horoscope in the hope that they’re going to get wiped out in some freak napalming incident.

4. Excuse me, i think I need to be where people are not.

5. The difference between a lady and a flower girl is not how she behaves, but how she is treated My Fair Lady

6. Sucking all the marrow out of life doesn’t mean choking on the bone.

7. Suddenly I realized – two people isn’t enough. You need backup. If you’re only two people, and someone drops off the edge, then you’re on your own. Two isn’t a large enough number. You need three at least. About A Boy

8. See? I’m as anatomically impaired as a Ken doll.

9. Don’t you just take the past and put it in a room in a basement and lock the door and never go in there? That’s what I do, And then you meet someone special and all you want to do is to toss them the key and say; open up, step inside, but you can’t, because it’s dark, There’s demons and if anybody saw how ugly it is. I keep wanted to do that, fling the door open just let light in and clean everything out.

10. Do you know how popular I am? I am so popular. Everybody loves me so much at this school. The Breakfast Club

Swallowtail blocking


Swallowtail blocking, originally uploaded by lyndsey-jane.

I got around to blocking the Swallowtail Shawl tonight. I managed to get hold of some foam maps to use as blocking boards and boy! does it make life easier. I am really pleased with this shawl and can’t wait to wear it next week when Mum and I go to Dancing on Ice tour.

Spring into Pink Swap Parcel


Spring into Pink Swap Parcel, originally uploaded by lyndsey-jane.

Found the camera cable!!
My parcel was awesome, I was gifted:
Lamb’s Pride Worsted – Strawberry Smoothie
Wildfoote Sock Yarn – Sonata
Pink Stitch Holders
Millstones Flavoured Coffee – Caramel Truffle and Chocolate Velvet
Pink Heart Washcloth
Bath & Body Works Shower Gel – Cherry Blossom
Ghiradelli Milk Chocolate Squares
Thank you Tammy!!!

Photoless :(


I was all set to show my great fabric and book haul from my shopping trip with my mum yesterday and the great Think Pink swap parcel I recieved but alas I seem to have misplaced the cable for my camera. In fact I think Karl has misplaced so hopefully when he gets home from work he will know where it is.

I have to admit to looking that hard for it as I am injured. I hate to admit this but I fell over at uni on tuesday and hurt my knee – I then walked around Cambridge on it yesterday (it didn’t hurt that much) but have woken up today and it really hurts. As I am upstairs and most of the cables etc are downstairs I only went down once to look, picked up what i thought was the right one but once I got back upstairs discovered it didn’t fit.

Hope everyone is well and not suffering with hayfever like I am – yes I am really feeling sorry for myself today.

Spring Fling Topic No. 2


So this week, they are asking us of we are changing are knitting because of spring.

I have to say that I am. I have very little on the needles at the moment, (awaiting needles) but I will be casting on a shawl or two (this isn’t due to the onset of spring, but due to my mums wedding in Sept. and a possible christening in late summer) and Juliet v.2, which will be in Rowan Cotton Rope and is perfect for the warmer weather.

I will however, be casting on for a sweater in alpaca. The Mirepoix bodice – not a quick knit, so I figure if I start now it should be ready in time for the colder weather.

I do prefer to knit shawls and smaller lighter items over the warmer weather as there is less bulk sitting in my lap keeping my legs warm.

I also change my coffee drinking habits in the warmer weather and cold brew coffee which I then use to make  Iced Coffee with vanilla syrup and starbuck caramel sauce – so moreish!

Gotta go Karl is beckoning me downstairs – I think he has tidied the kitchen and wants praise



I’ve been tagged by La Duchesse for this meme.

Here the rules

  1. Link to the person who has tagged you
  2. Post the rules
  3. Share a 6 word philosophy of life
  4. Tag 3 more people

so here is my enlightened philosophy of life in 6 (well 7, but ‘is’ is such a small word it hardly counts)

Anything is surmountable with coffee, knitting and friends

My exam and presentation went well this week, so I am looking forward to nice lazy crafty weekend. My Swallowtail is waiting to blocked so hopefully I can do that soon. I have cast on some socks with the Sock Hop yarn – so soft and squishy. I was going to cast on Juliet (again) but don’t have any 6.5mm tips for my options (have ordered them from get knitted) so thought I would use the Rowan Plaid I have in my stash to cast on Alexandra Ballerina Top from Fitted Knits, only to discover I needed 6.5mm for that too. I then thought I could start the Mirepoix Bodice but alas I needed 3.25mm needles for ribbing, and you’ve guessed it I don’t have any of those either. I placed a large needle order with Get Knitted and they should be here nexy week.

I also purchased the Honey Bee Stole, Bee Fields Shawl and Norwegian Woods Shawl patterns from The Knitting Zone. They have a great selection of downloadable patterns for sale. I have started the Norweigian Woods shawl buy the smallest needles I had were 3.5 (3mm were the suggested size) and the laceweight I am using is really thin, so I think I may have to frog. I will wait until the 3.25mm arrive and knit a swatch with those from the other end of the ball and see which I prefer.

In sewing news, I ordered both of the dress patterns and the Velma bag pattern and just managed to get the fabric I wanted. They had sold out in JL in Cambridge but had some in stock in Peterborough so Mum phoned them, paid on her account card and it arrived with her today. They do however have the same fabric in Cambridge in pinks/purples and I really tempted to get some of that for a skirt on Wednesday when I go shopping.