I’ve been tagged by La Duchesse for this meme.

Here the rules

  1. Link to the person who has tagged you
  2. Post the rules
  3. Share a 6 word philosophy of life
  4. Tag 3 more people

so here is my enlightened philosophy of life in 6 (well 7, but ‘is’ is such a small word it hardly counts)

Anything is surmountable with coffee, knitting and friends

My exam and presentation went well this week, so I am looking forward to nice lazy crafty weekend. My Swallowtail is waiting to blocked so hopefully I can do that soon. I have cast on some socks with the Sock Hop yarn – so soft and squishy. I was going to cast on Juliet (again) but don’t have any 6.5mm tips for my options (have ordered them from get knitted) so thought I would use the Rowan Plaid I have in my stash to cast on Alexandra Ballerina Top from Fitted Knits, only to discover I needed 6.5mm for that too. I then thought I could start the Mirepoix Bodice but alas I needed 3.25mm needles for ribbing, and you’ve guessed it I don’t have any of those either. I placed a large needle order with Get Knitted and they should be here nexy week.

I also purchased the Honey Bee Stole, Bee Fields Shawl and Norwegian Woods Shawl patterns from The Knitting Zone. They have a great selection of downloadable patterns for sale. I have started the Norweigian Woods shawl buy the smallest needles I had were 3.5 (3mm were the suggested size) and the laceweight I am using is really thin, so I think I may have to frog. I will wait until the 3.25mm arrive and knit a swatch with those from the other end of the ball and see which I prefer.

In sewing news, I ordered both of the dress patterns and the Velma bag pattern and just managed to get the fabric I wanted. They had sold out in JL in Cambridge but had some in stock in Peterborough so Mum phoned them, paid on her account card and it arrived with her today. They do however have the same fabric in Cambridge in pinks/purples and I really tempted to get some of that for a skirt on Wednesday when I go shopping.


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