Spring Fling Topic No. 2


So this week, they are asking us of we are changing are knitting because of spring.

I have to say that I am. I have very little on the needles at the moment, (awaiting needles) but I will be casting on a shawl or two (this isn’t due to the onset of spring, but due to my mums wedding in Sept. and a possible christening in late summer) and Juliet v.2, which will be in Rowan Cotton Rope and is perfect for the warmer weather.

I will however, be casting on for a sweater in alpaca. The Mirepoix bodice – not a quick knit, so I figure if I start now it should be ready in time for the colder weather.

I do prefer to knit shawls and smaller lighter items over the warmer weather as there is less bulk sitting in my lap keeping my legs warm.

I also change my coffee drinking habits in the warmer weather and cold brew coffee which I then use to make  Iced Coffee with vanilla syrup and starbuck caramel sauce – so moreish!

Gotta go Karl is beckoning me downstairs – I think he has tidied the kitchen and wants praise


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