lightbox, originally uploaded by lyndsey-jane.

After the wonderful few days we recently had I saw a HUGE increase in my energy levels (and no brain fog for the duration either) I began to wonder whether the increased light was the cause.

I did some research into SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and found that I had pretty much all the symptoms (except for the depression, but as I am already taking the type of anti-depressants prescribed for SAD it seemed logical that I wouldn’t have).

I decided to research light therapy and found a company who sold lightboxes for SAD but with a 30 day money back guarantee. I started the therapy to day and actually feel better already. It is so simple, I just sit 50cm away from the box for 90mins a day and bright light should increase my serotonin levels and make me feel better. The amount of time spent in front of the light is dependent on the strength of the bulb(s). This one has one of the weaker daylight bulbs, hence the need to spend more time in front of it, some of the stronger boxes only require 20 mins. I can study, knit or watch TV whilst using it, in fact anything I want as long as my eyes are open and I am stationary. So I know have an excuse to knit for at least 90mins a day.

If this works I will be so overjoyed, and I am also looking to get a sunrise/sunset simulator. This slowly increases the amount of light at a preset time so your body wakes naturally to an increase in light, and vice versa at night.

If this does what I hope then I plan to start training to run the Race for If this year instead of walking. I haven’t yet got my sponsor page up but will do so soon, so anyone who wants to sponsor me can do so.

I’m off to make brownies again now as we have Karl’s parents coming over tomorrow.


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  1. Would that be a Lumie Brightspark? I’ve had one for two or three years and I couldn’t be without it in the winter (it’s unplugged now, and will remain so until September unless we have a run of two or three very dull/foggy days). I would recommend you don’t use it in the evenings as it readjusts your circadian rhythyms and can cause insomnia if used late in the day. When I use mine in the winter I use it for about an hour after getting up, whilst checking email etc. and again in the afternoon for about 20 minutes if I get really drowsy.

    At this time of year I don’t need it unless it’s really gloomy for a few days – last summer Lumie had a huge rise in sales because of the wet weather, and sold as many lightboxes in August as they would normally sell in November. Of course, I live in Scotland and it currently gets light at about 4am so putting up blackout blinds so I don’t wake up then is more of a concern.

  2. Hope this works out well – am considering something similar myself – and I have one of those alarm clocks – find that a real help in the winter

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