Photo Update


Photo Update, originally uploaded by lyndsey-jane.

Here is my recent stash acquisition and related stuff.
1. Fyberspates Scrumptious Lace (not sure of colour, think it’s autumn)
2. The Natural Dye Studio Mirage (Merino/Tencel) sock yarn
3. The Natural Dye Studio Halo (BFL roving)
(These were purchased at The Natural Dye Studio open day)
4. Rowan Summer Tweed. £1.15 a skein from Peter Jones, I bought 11, but not sure what to make.
5. Gale’s Art BFL Roving in Proud Peacock. I love this, it is natural black BFL which is then hand-dyed.
6. Sakina Needles BFL roving in Mango
(These 2 are from The Loopy Ewe)
6. Skirt made a couple of weekends ago. Pattern: Burda 8090 View A but without the contrasting bands.
7. New spindles from Spunky Eclectic. Small one is Kundert cedar (and spins like a dream) and the large is Schact Hi-Lo Large (exclusively for plying)
8. Handpsun. Spun on the Kundert and plied on the Scacht. Spun from 25g corriedale roving in Winnipeg, part of Trip to Canada set (again from Spunky)


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  1. Hi Lyndsey Jane, thankyou for your lovely comments about my fibre, I will have BFL and Merino at I-Knit, do come and say hello!

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