You spin me right round….


Ashford Traveller, originally uploaded by lyndsey-jane.

…baby right round

Here is my new wheel!!!!
My parents bought me Dougal (as named by Karl, because it igoes around like the Magic Roundabout and a similar colour) last weekend. It was a total surprise. I had mentioned that I would like a spinning wheel and maybe they could chip in for one as a joint birthday/Xmas present.
They had a wedding to attend near us and said they would pop in on there way home and turned up with this. I’m not normally lost for words but was completely gobsmaked by this.
Apparently it was bought for me ‘just because’ and because I had done well at university last year.
Dougal is an Ashford Traveller in unfinished wood (but is now all waxed a lovely). I haven’t spun much on him as I have wedding knitting that needs to be finished, but am loving the time I have spent spinning.

Knitting is happening, I have completed the body of the wedding stole and started the knitted on border last night. Progress pics to follow, although as with all lace in progress it just looks like a red blob.

I have had some stash enhancment and will post pics in another post.

Sorry to have neglected the blog but I have been over on plurk, and that along with monogamous lace knitting makes for dull blog fodder.

I hereby promise to blog more, even it isn’t the most exciting.


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  1. What an amazing surprise pressie! I find spinning so soothing (even when everything goes wrong, as it often does for me still).

    Looking forward to seeing the stash pics…

  2. He’s so cute! 😀
    I agree: I, too, find spinning soothing and meditative, and I look forward to seeing what you and Dougal produce.

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