Happy Birthday?


Today is/was my 33rd birthday!!!

My parents came up to see us and we went the The Rupert Brooke for sunday lunch (gorgeous as ever) and then I spent a frustrating evening trying to sort my birthday present out.

Karl and my parents chipped in together to get my a ipod touch. I needed a new (bigger ipod) and liked the idea of being able to tweet and check my e-mail on the go so decide a 32gb itouch would be perfect. I managed to sync with itunes and all my music, podcasts and a couple of audiobooks are nicely transfered over, trying to use the app/itunes store, sync my e-mail (which is a mobileme account from apple) and get on the internet is simply impossible. It was easy enough to pick up our home wi-fi signal but for some reason I couldn’t get it open safari, send/recieve mails or open anything else requiring internet.

I had been looking forward to getting this for ages and have a great experience with apple/mac in the past with things being simple to use – not this time. At one point I was almost in tears because it wouldn’t work. I have booked a slot at the genius bar in apple store in city  for tuesday morning in the hope i have just done something/not done something really simple and it will be up and running. In the mean time it works as an ipod but nothing else, which kinda defeats the object of spending the extra money on it.

Company, presents and lunch was great but the ipod issue has put a slight dampner on my birthday and I will try to bring you a more upbeat optmistic post tomorrow.


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