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not kidnapped


Just a quickie to let you all know that I haven’t been kidnapped by Jack Sparrow in order to make endless pairs of socks for him but am in fact ill. I have a viral upper respiratory tract infection aswell as bronchitis. hopefully the long weekend will get me back to full health and I should have a couple of fo’s as well as some newly dyed yarn to show you all.

Thanks for all your advice on the buttons I have decided to go for the second choice as I can buy them ‘in person’ as opposed online so can take the cardigan with me and choose the best colour as I know think the purple will suit better then pink or lilac.


Jack Sparrow Socks


As soon as I saw these socks I knew I had to knit them, they are just so cool! This pair was knit for my housemates birthday and he had already requested more handknit socks.

Pattern: Jack Sparrows Favourite Socks/Wendys Generic Toe-Up Socks
Yarns: Lorna’s Laces – Camoflauge and Natural
Opal Uni – Brown
Needles: Clover Takumi Bamboo 2.5mm
Modifications: I knit more rounds after the heel before beginning the stranded work to make the leg longer.

After being inspired by the article on dyeing yarn with food colouring I found a supplier of Wilton food colouring in the UK and had a go. These were my first attempts, I really can’t remeber what colours I used and didn’t write it down. I used the cold pour method in my slow cooker and am pleased with the results. Each yarn cake is about 100g of DK 100% wool. I am going to be ordering some sock weight soon and will probably have a go at handpainting and dip-dyeing too.

My Bulky Cabled Cardigan is almost finised I just need to find some buttons, but can’t decide between these or these in either pink or lilac. All opinions welcome!
(The true colour of the yarn can be seen here (it is Sea Thistle) as the flash has really washed the colour out.)

Still here…


Firstly I must apologise to my SP9 and my criminal pal and winterwonderland swap pal. I have received your parcels but have so busy revising for my exams that I haven’t had time to blog. I have pictures and promise to get them on the blog by the end of the week.

All is well here I have one more exam left on friday then I am free for 17 whole days, in which I plan to knit a sweater (or at least get a fair amount of one done). I have four to choose from they are:

I will probably end up chosing one of the aran weights but not sure. A fair amount of yarn was received over xmas, and future projects include:

  • Noni Carpet Bag – using Cascade 220 (green and brown tweed)
  • Corazen – using Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK (pink and cream)
  • Socks – using Sock Hop sock yarn (pink cadillac and beat goes on)

I had better be off as I still have revision to do.