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Yarn Bar Update


Yarn Bar Update, originally uploaded by lyndsey-jane.

Just a quickie to let you know I’ve updated The Yarn Bar.
There is a special charity yarn and roving available in aid of Lupus Charity, I am offering this is association with Fairie Knits who is raising money. Please visit her blog for more info.

I have to go to London tomorrow to get a 24hr blood pressure monitor fitted and was looking forward to some yarn shopping but is appears most of the yarn shops are closed on Mondays. Instead I’m going to the new Liz Earle shop (which is just down the road from the hospital anyway) to treat myself to something.

For those of you who won yarn I will be posting on Tuesday, sorry about the delay but I have been exhausted over the weekend. I even went a whole day without knitting.

Toy Knitting


I’ve become addicted to knitting toys! I was a bleurgh day the other day (pms) and wanted a quick fun knit. I found Lola Bunny and fell in love. It is so cute. I have very nearly finished – should have an FO later tonight. I started it two nights ago. It is great. I am using the hand-dyed bfl I received in the hand-dyed yarn them swap. Its looking really sweet. I’ve found other great patterns, including some amigurumi patterns that have been converted into knitting patterns from this etsy store. I bought Mr Bean, Pirate Panda and This Little Pig. I plan on casting on Sheldon as soon as the bunny is finished. I have a couple of balls of Sugar n Cream (orange and denm blue) which will look great. I am also planning to knit a Baby Bobbi Bear and the small fish from the One Fish, Two Fish pattern from Blue Sky Alpacas, as well as Kate from The bunny is for Karl, and Sheldon will probably stay here too. I plan on giving the fish to my nephew for his birthday, but may make another bunny for him before that as I have a large stash of pale blue yarn. The yarn was bought to make him some clothes but know he is nearly a year I think the colour is a bit baby for him. The rest will be turned into squares to make blankets for the local animal shelter.

I managed to get some dyeing over the weekend – 400g merino sock yarn, 100g bfl laceweight and 100g bfl roving. 100g of sock yarn and the roving where dyed by Karl so will be special ltd editions. I hope to get the rest of the roving done this weekend and have the shop updated late next week. The BFL roving is so soft. I think it has to be one of my fave fibres. I hope to get some BFL sock yarn for the next update.

Off to eat dinner and finish the bunny, which Karl has called ‘Bob’. Everything is Bob at the moment.
(btw: for those unaware Karl is my 25 yr old boyfriend, but at times when I write/talk about him I realise it he sounds like he may be my 5 yr old son!)

The Yarn Bar


The Yarn Bar, originally uploaded by lyndsey-jane.

We had some sun today so I took the opportunity to take some photos of the yarn and roving I dyed in natural light. I really pleased with the resulting photos (a photographer I most certainly am not) and have say a big thank-you to splityarn for their tutorial on photo taking.
All going to plan the yarn will up on tomorrow. The shop is called The Yarn Bar and will offer cocktail inspired hand-dyed and hand-painted yarns and roving. I will post tomorrow when the shop is stocked up as its still a work in progress right now.
I was hoping to wait until I re-skeined the yarns as I thought the niddy noddy I ordered would have been here by now. They are trying to get it in the mail tomorrow for me but no guarantees, so I have decided to post the items as is and if they are still listed when the niddy noddy arrives them I will re-skein then and take more photos.

Inspired & Sock Yarn


I been wanting to start selling my hand-dyed sock yarn for a while now and have had a great idea for a theme for an shop which I hope is original and attractive. It is still very much in the planning stages (I need to persuade my Mum to lend me a small amount of money to purchase some blank sock yarn) but all going well I hope to have some ‘trial’ skeins up for sale in a couple of weeks – weather dependent. I would, however, like some input from all sock knitters. I would like to know what your prefered fiber content is when purchasing sock yarn. Please take a second to fill out the poll, if you choose ‘other’ can u leave a comment stating the content. Thank You!

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Jack Sparrow Socks


As soon as I saw these socks I knew I had to knit them, they are just so cool! This pair was knit for my housemates birthday and he had already requested more handknit socks.

Pattern: Jack Sparrows Favourite Socks/Wendys Generic Toe-Up Socks
Yarns: Lorna’s Laces – Camoflauge and Natural
Opal Uni – Brown
Needles: Clover Takumi Bamboo 2.5mm
Modifications: I knit more rounds after the heel before beginning the stranded work to make the leg longer.

After being inspired by the article on dyeing yarn with food colouring I found a supplier of Wilton food colouring in the UK and had a go. These were my first attempts, I really can’t remeber what colours I used and didn’t write it down. I used the cold pour method in my slow cooker and am pleased with the results. Each yarn cake is about 100g of DK 100% wool. I am going to be ordering some sock weight soon and will probably have a go at handpainting and dip-dyeing too.

My Bulky Cabled Cardigan is almost finised I just need to find some buttons, but can’t decide between these or these in either pink or lilac. All opinions welcome!
(The true colour of the yarn can be seen here (it is Sea Thistle) as the flash has really washed the colour out.)