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Monkeys, McFly and Mail


I received my Monkey Sock Swap 3 parcel at the end of last week but held of blogging until I got some batteries for my camera – which I’ve still forgotten to get, so will blog about it now and take photos when i get the batteries (hopefully tomorrow.) I received a gorgeous pair of variegated brown monkeys socks (not sure what they were made of but it is oh so soft) They are my now my favourite socks!!!!! I was also sent the Thelonious pattern with 2 skeins of Louet Gems in a lovely bright green. A really cute monkey tape measure and large tote bag with embroidery monkeys on it. Travelling along with all these goodies was ‘Dangles’ the softest and cutest cuddly monkey. He is made from a lovely soft fleece. Although his tag says he is called Dangles we have had to rename him as one of our hamsters is called Dangles. Karl already has a cuddly monkey called George, so I have called my monkey Harry!

I have been away for the past 48 hours staying at my friends house as we went off to Wembley last night to see McFly. They were awesome – I know they are not as ‘cool’ as the Foos but I believe everyone is allowed a guilty pleasure and they are mine. Apart from the really really bad organisation whilst queing outside it was a great night – my ears are still ringing so it must have been good!!

When I got home this afternoon I had 2 parcels. One from Get Knitted with some Amy Butler fabric to make Emma her christmas present, so yarn for my Winter Coffee Swap pal and some Malabrigo worsted for me!!!! Since I opened I’ve the two skeins wrapped around my neck – so soft. I also had a parcel from U-Handbag containing an Amy Butler Pattern and some metal bag notions for my laptop bag (which I plan to start over the weekend) . We have also received discs 3,4 & 5 of Season 2 of Bones from Amazon rental. This weekend is going to require so much self-control and willpower. All I will want to do is sew, knit and watch Bones when in fact what I HAVE to do is right a presentation, an essay and make a poster.

I still have two place for Pay It Forward left if anyone is interested.


I got our tickets, yay, next June we are off to Wembley Stadium to see the Foo’s again. I also managed to get to uni in time to complete my lab work.

Last night I did a fair bit of sewing and almost completed the first of the make-up bags for christmas presents from the Quilt Pink fabric. I just have to work out how to put the zipper in this weekend. I am really pleased with how it has come out so far. The pattern doesn’t include a lining but using the same idea as used in the Amy Butler pattern I have I managed to include a contrast lining. Not bad for a novice – adapting only the second project I have ever sewed.

The Central Park Hoodie is coming on leaps and bounds. I decided to knit both the sleeves at the same time, on one circular needle. Apart from a few tangles with the two balls of yarn it is going well. I still have a lot to do but I think this way will help to alleviate the tedium that is knitting the second sleeve.

I’m off to bed know as I started to get a back ache earlier today and its getting worse. I ahd a nice hot bath (and used the eye teabags gifted from Wendy – which were gorgeous) which helped for a while but it has come back. I am going to try not to take any pain meds until later so they are working when I want to go to sleep.

Happy Thanksgiving to any American readers out there!

Just for fun…


I saw this over on katydidknits and just had to have a go.


If your life was a movie, what would the soundtrack be?

  1. Open your mp3 library
  2. put it on shuffle
  3. press play
  4. for every question type the song playing
  5. when you got o a new questions, press next
  6. don’ lie and pretend your cool
  7. don’t skip songs
  • Opening Credits: Room on the 3rd Floor – McFly (Room on the 3rd floor)
  • Waking Up: Time is Running Out – Muse (Absolution)
  • First Day At School: Chump – Green Day (Dookie)
  • Fight Song: Wonderwall – Oasis (Stop the Clocks)
  • Breaking Up: Shame For You – Lily Allen (Alright, Still)
  • Happiness: Pretty Green – The Jam (Beat Surrender)
  • Life’s Okay: Stay Together For The Kids – Blink-182 (Take off your Pants)
  • Mental Breakdown: The Letter – James Morrison (Undiscovered)
  • Driving: Long Live Rock – The Who (The Ultimate Collection)
  • Flashback: Transylvania – McFly (Motion In The Ocean)
  • Getting Back Together: Monkey Wrench – Foo Fighters (The Colour And The Shape)
  • Wedding Song: Miracle – Foo Fighters (In Your Honour)
  • Birth of First Child: My Little Empire – Manic Street Preachers (This Is My Truth, Tell Me Yours)
  • Final Battle Scene: The Seeker – The Who (The Ultimate Collection)
  • Death Scene: The Anthem – Good Charlotte (The Young & The Hopeless)
  • Funeral Song: Unsaid Things – McFly (Room On The 3rd Floor)
  • End Credits: Cigarettes & Alcohol – Oasis (Stop The Clocks)

Mrs Bob is still missing, we have done a through search of the cupboard under the stairs but no luck. I will keep you posted. (Piglottie if you go here you will find special hamster sized ladders, for helping them up the vertical tubes of the rotastak cages, we have also used her tubes as a way of getting her into a bin/bucket but she’s just too clever)