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wip wednesday


wip wednesday, originally uploaded by lyndsey-jane.

After completing the Clementine Shawlette I have 3 three things on my needles. I know only 2 are pictured but I don’t have a photo of the third and its upstairs and I ‘ve just finished dyeing roving, have dinner to make and I want watch the footie (read as: can’t be assed to take photo right now)
The Sweet Pea socks are half done. They are really great knit i’ve just been lacking the sock mojo lately. They are for my Sock It To Me swap pal, so I had better get a move on.
The Deep V Argyle Vest in just divine! Love the pattern, love the yarn, love the colours. I’m actually further along than this now. I have the waist decreases done and am about to start on the on the bust increases and in a few rounds time I have to place the neck steek stitches.

We have decided on a winner for the Hamsters names, and will awarding a second prize also (this is a a name I really really liked but Karl wasn’t so keen on). We will be doing the draw for the random winner later tonight. I’ll try to post winners later tonight if not I promise they will be posted tomorrow.


1hr and 31mins…


Clementine Shawlette, originally uploaded by lyndsey-jane.

…is how long it took me to kitchener the Clementine Shawlette halves together. I can be so precise, not because I timed myself (i may be a geek but i’m not that bad) but because I started kitchenering when Pirates of the Carribbean – Dead Man’s Chest began and I checked the timer on the DVD when I finished.

All I have to do now is block it. Great i thought I’ll soak it today, until I remembered I had lent my Eucalan to my mum and not got it back yet. In the UK Eucalan, along with other no-rinse woolwashes, are a rarity. I was searching the internet for a UK stockist of Eucalan, my present bottle was a gift, only to find this. I would be interested in hearing from any UK people who have used it. It looks similar to Eucualan but much cheaper (well, same price but bigger bottle) and as there is a Lakeland in Cambridge it is easily accessible. As I have a couple of weeks until the wedding for which the shawl is needed I will postpone blocking until I can get to the city and buy some.

I plan on having a dyeing day tomorrow, so expect a shop update soon. I need to get the woolwash to soak the dyed yarn in to, so the update won’t be until next week.

Toy Knitting


I’ve become addicted to knitting toys! I was a bleurgh day the other day (pms) and wanted a quick fun knit. I found Lola Bunny and fell in love. It is so cute. I have very nearly finished – should have an FO later tonight. I started it two nights ago. It is great. I am using the hand-dyed bfl I received in the hand-dyed yarn them swap. Its looking really sweet. I’ve found other great patterns, including some amigurumi patterns that have been converted into knitting patterns from this etsy store. I bought Mr Bean, Pirate Panda and This Little Pig. I plan on casting on Sheldon as soon as the bunny is finished. I have a couple of balls of Sugar n Cream (orange and denm blue) which will look great. I am also planning to knit a Baby Bobbi Bear and the small fish from the One Fish, Two Fish pattern from Blue Sky Alpacas, as well as Kate from The bunny is for Karl, and Sheldon will probably stay here too. I plan on giving the fish to my nephew for his birthday, but may make another bunny for him before that as I have a large stash of pale blue yarn. The yarn was bought to make him some clothes but know he is nearly a year I think the colour is a bit baby for him. The rest will be turned into squares to make blankets for the local animal shelter.

I managed to get some dyeing over the weekend – 400g merino sock yarn, 100g bfl laceweight and 100g bfl roving. 100g of sock yarn and the roving where dyed by Karl so will be special ltd editions. I hope to get the rest of the roving done this weekend and have the shop updated late next week. The BFL roving is so soft. I think it has to be one of my fave fibres. I hope to get some BFL sock yarn for the next update.

Off to eat dinner and finish the bunny, which Karl has called ‘Bob’. Everything is Bob at the moment.
(btw: for those unaware Karl is my 25 yr old boyfriend, but at times when I write/talk about him I realise it he sounds like he may be my 5 yr old son!)

L is for…


Lime n Violet Etsy Seller of the Day

I am a very happy girl today, not only did I make my first sale last night, but today I have been given the accolade of being the Etsy Seller of the Day on the Lime n Violet Daily Chum.

I think I spend the rest of the day doing the happy dance!

In knitting news I cast on the minisweater/boobholder by the wonderful Stephanie Japel last night, and although I’ve not knit that much am really liking how it looks. I am using some of the Rowan Cotton Rope I acquired from the John Lewis sale a while back. I’m hoping to get this finished in time for Wednesday when I go to London.

WIP Wednesday



My creation, originally uploaded by lyndsey-jane.

I have quite alot on the needles right now, but the major works in progress are:

  • Lacy Scallop Socks from Sockbug using Opal Rodeo, gifted from my Sock It To Me Sock Swap pal
  • Sweet Pea Socks in Koigu for my Sock It To Me Sock Swap pal
  • Sock Yarn Stash Blanket using all the odds and ends from my socks

I managed to get things sorted at uni (I hope) and am going back in tomorrow to arrange to go part-time. Although this will mean I will be studying an extra year it will also mean that I may have a chance of getting better rather than just staying the same.

Mystery Stole 3


Mystery Stole 3, originally uploaded by lyndsey-jane.

I have really enjoyed spending the evening knitting this. I have only completed Chart A of the Clue 1 but am really pleased. The rogue dark bead will make more sense after Chart B has been started. I was finding it difficult to decide between the clear silver lined beads and the grey (haematite looking) beads. Once I saw the chart I realized I could use both – the clear beads around the edging and the dark beads in the main body of the stole.

WIP wednesday


I seem to have quite a few (for me atleast) wips at presentso thought i’d let you allknow how they are coming along (or not)
My main project at the moment – and set become an FO anytime soon is wicked. I just love this and have had such fun knitting it. I choose to omit the pocket and decided on 3/4 length sleeves. I love the fit and the colour and hope to finish the last sleeve tonight.

Of course I have a sock otn, this is the latest from the 6 sox kal. It uses slip stitch technique. I am using Posh Yarns Lucia 4ply (wool/cashmere blend) in Highland Mist with Angel Yarns Sock Yarn in Choco Plum for the contrast.

For Xmas I knitted my Mum a mulit-directional scarf in Twilleys Freedom Spirit and a colleague of hers has asked me to make one for her. I am aiming to get this finished by next weekend when I next see my Mum (hopefully once wicked is finished I can work on this)

I also knitted a Forest Canopy Shawl for my Mum for Xmas and really enjoyed it. After seeing Piglottie’s version made from Rowan tweed 4ply I raided my stash and found some Rowanspun 4ply and cast on.

One of my resolution was to learn to do some colourwork. For Xmas I received the yarn and needles to make Corazon. I finally plucked up the courage and cast on. I haven’t done much yet but I’m slowly learning