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handspun yarn



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After a spinning meet up I was in the groove, so plied to of my almost the same bobbins and got this. It’s fresh from the bobbin so needs soaking and the lights isn’t great – but I LOVE it! Really pleased with this and I still have 1/4 bobbin of singles and another bump (in top of pic) to play with.

Photo Update


Photo Update, originally uploaded by lyndsey-jane.

Here is my recent stash acquisition and related stuff.
1. Fyberspates Scrumptious Lace (not sure of colour, think it’s autumn)
2. The Natural Dye Studio Mirage (Merino/Tencel) sock yarn
3. The Natural Dye Studio Halo (BFL roving)
(These were purchased at The Natural Dye Studio open day)
4. Rowan Summer Tweed. £1.15 a skein from Peter Jones, I bought 11, but not sure what to make.
5. Gale’s Art BFL Roving in Proud Peacock. I love this, it is natural black BFL which is then hand-dyed.
6. Sakina Needles BFL roving in Mango
(These 2 are from The Loopy Ewe)
6. Skirt made a couple of weekends ago. Pattern: Burda 8090 View A but without the contrasting bands.
7. New spindles from Spunky Eclectic. Small one is Kundert cedar (and spins like a dream) and the large is Schact Hi-Lo Large (exclusively for plying)
8. Handpsun. Spun on the Kundert and plied on the Scacht. Spun from 25g corriedale roving in Winnipeg, part of Trip to Canada set (again from Spunky)

quick catch up


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I thought I’d do a quick catch up on whats been happening round here.
I’ve dug out my spindle and got some new fiber in. Can’t remember what the fiber on the spindle is except that I got it from esty and it’s BFL. The other fibers are Yarn Yard BFL in aurora, Spunky Eclectic Corriedale – Vacation to Canada (25g each of her Canadian colours) and Spunky Eclectic Wool Blend in Grand Opening.
The green yarn is also from Spunky Eclectic and is the Flying Cables kit in Sage.
The top is Green Gable in Cotton Fleece Robins Egg Blue, but is not quite finished as it is about 2″ too short so I have to rip back rib and knit some more.
Last two are pics of Karl and I and the Foo Fighters gig the other saturday.
I ordered Victorian Lace Today from amazon and what a book. It is amazing, so many beautiful patterns. I’m still deciding which one to cast on for Mums wedding but will let you know as soon as I do.
I’ve been busy plurking, come join, we have a real laugh over there.
I’ve been working mainly on RPM sock in some of my hand-dyed should have a finished sock soon, as well as the Summer Sampler Study – I’m almost caught up and really enjoying it.
Spring Things Shawl is blocking as I type and hopefully FO photos tomorrow.

Spring into Pink Swap Parcel


Spring into Pink Swap Parcel, originally uploaded by lyndsey-jane.

Found the camera cable!!
My parcel was awesome, I was gifted:
Lamb’s Pride Worsted – Strawberry Smoothie
Wildfoote Sock Yarn – Sonata
Pink Stitch Holders
Millstones Flavoured Coffee – Caramel Truffle and Chocolate Velvet
Pink Heart Washcloth
Bath & Body Works Shower Gel – Cherry Blossom
Ghiradelli Milk Chocolate Squares
Thank you Tammy!!!

UK Swap Parcel


UK Swap Parcel, originally uploaded by lyndsey-jane.

How spoilt was I yesterday! Claire (and yes we do share the same blog template, just in case it confused you) sent me the most amazing UK Swap parcel, I love everything in it.
Angels & Elephants Hand-dyed British Shetland DK in Morwenna
Lucy Neatby Celestial Merino Yarn in Maple Sugar (I think I may make a lace shawl from this, as the colours are too me to hide on my feet)
Hotel Chocolat Liquid Chocolat (Kiss Mix – Caramel Flavour) which I had a cup of last night and is officially gorgeous!!!
Tigger’s Little Book of Bounce – which has made me chuckle on several occasions.
Lush Helping Hands – which is perfect as I was just running out of hand cream and is fantastic on my super super dry hands.
Pretty stitch markers and a pretty pendant (more photos on flickr)
Bend the Rules Sewing by Amy Karol, this book has been on my amazon list for a while and it is so good. I plan doing some sewing over the next couple of days and once I’ve finished some sewing wips, I am going to make a couple of toy turtles from some fabric leftovers I have.
Once i get the money the bank owe me (it’s a long story but they’ve owed me over £500 since January and I still haven’t received it, apparently the cheque should be with me by next week) I’m going fabric shopping. There are a couple of bags I want to make from the book and I’ve seen the most gorgeous fabric in John Lewis which I want to make a skirt and matching bag with. Also I’m going to look for some cute baby fabric as there is a pattern for baby bibs in the book which would be great for Karl’s brothers baby. Apparently his sister-in laws’ family have a habit of turning up 2-3 weeks early – Karl thought I should know so I could make sure stuff was finished, how thoughtful, I think!
Do you remember my Juliet, well, I finally got some buttons for it today, tried it on to work out placement of said buttons, only to find – it’s too big. I plan a frogging session with it this weekend, I am going to re-knit it a couple of sizes smaller as I really like the pattern in the Rowan Cotton Rope and love the buttons I just bought. Luckily I hadn’t got around to weaving in all the ends – see laziness does have a use.
Off to put the finishing touches to a couple of bags, hopefully I’ll have some sewing FOs soon.

Monkeys, McFly and Mail


I received my Monkey Sock Swap 3 parcel at the end of last week but held of blogging until I got some batteries for my camera – which I’ve still forgotten to get, so will blog about it now and take photos when i get the batteries (hopefully tomorrow.) I received a gorgeous pair of variegated brown monkeys socks (not sure what they were made of but it is oh so soft) They are my now my favourite socks!!!!! I was also sent the Thelonious pattern with 2 skeins of Louet Gems in a lovely bright green. A really cute monkey tape measure and large tote bag with embroidery monkeys on it. Travelling along with all these goodies was ‘Dangles’ the softest and cutest cuddly monkey. He is made from a lovely soft fleece. Although his tag says he is called Dangles we have had to rename him as one of our hamsters is called Dangles. Karl already has a cuddly monkey called George, so I have called my monkey Harry!

I have been away for the past 48 hours staying at my friends house as we went off to Wembley last night to see McFly. They were awesome – I know they are not as ‘cool’ as the Foos but I believe everyone is allowed a guilty pleasure and they are mine. Apart from the really really bad organisation whilst queing outside it was a great night – my ears are still ringing so it must have been good!!

When I got home this afternoon I had 2 parcels. One from Get Knitted with some Amy Butler fabric to make Emma her christmas present, so yarn for my Winter Coffee Swap pal and some Malabrigo worsted for me!!!! Since I opened I’ve the two skeins wrapped around my neck – so soft. I also had a parcel from U-Handbag containing an Amy Butler Pattern and some metal bag notions for my laptop bag (which I plan to start over the weekend) . We have also received discs 3,4 & 5 of Season 2 of Bones from Amazon rental. This weekend is going to require so much self-control and willpower. All I will want to do is sew, knit and watch Bones when in fact what I HAVE to do is right a presentation, an essay and make a poster.

I still have two place for Pay It Forward left if anyone is interested.

The Yarn Bar


The Yarn Bar, originally uploaded by lyndsey-jane.

We had some sun today so I took the opportunity to take some photos of the yarn and roving I dyed in natural light. I really pleased with the resulting photos (a photographer I most certainly am not) and have say a big thank-you to splityarn for their tutorial on photo taking.
All going to plan the yarn will up on tomorrow. The shop is called The Yarn Bar and will offer cocktail inspired hand-dyed and hand-painted yarns and roving. I will post tomorrow when the shop is stocked up as its still a work in progress right now.
I was hoping to wait until I re-skeined the yarns as I thought the niddy noddy I ordered would have been here by now. They are trying to get it in the mail tomorrow for me but no guarantees, so I have decided to post the items as is and if they are still listed when the niddy noddy arrives them I will re-skein then and take more photos.