Sleeve Island


I had decided to finish up some wips this month and pulled out my alpaca trellis and vine pullover which was so close to being an FO, only needing it’s second sleeve. For the past few days I have been frantically knitting away without really paying any attention to the sleeve, only the pattern. Earlier tonight I compared the first finished sleeve with my now almost finished second sleeve to see when I needed to start the lace and cable cuff – ooops! The second sleeve was a good 2 inches longer than it’s finished mate and that is without the cuff. A quick glance at the pattern revealed my mistake, I had been decreasing every 16 rounds (as for smallest size) not every 8 as per the size I am knitting. A quick visit to the frog pond and I am now back on track and should still finish the sleeve by the beginning of next week.
Anyone who follows me on twitter will notice i posted about being stuck on sleeve island, I now know why it felt like the sleeve was taking forever..
In other news did anyone see Ali & Brian’s amazing Vienese waltz tonight. I will admit that it bought tears to my eyes it was so beautiful.
Better get back to this sleeve.


Starting to feel like the world is conspiring against me; I woke this morning with irritating cough and sore throat, which has developed throughout the day into either flu or a cold. Spoken to a doctor who says my temperature isn’t high enough for it to be swine flu (a least that’s a positive) and to do the usual – plenty of fluids, paracetamol and contact doctors again if I get worse. I’m not worried about swine flu itself but I am slightly concerned that if I do get it I then succumb to a secondary infection affecting  my chest/lungs.

Going to relax and listening to an audiobook until headache clears enough to sleep. I am currently listening to Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy which I am enjoying but think I will look for something a little more lighthearted and less intense whilst my brain feels like zombie food. If I can’t decide on something new to download I have Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer on my itouch.

Hope everyone enjoyed their bonfire night, I heard lots of fireworks but didn’t see any, not even out of the window 😦

Mobile blogging


Decide to see how easy it would be to post from the wordpress app on my itouch. Typing is an acquired talent on the small keyboard but doable.
Karl survived the dentist today and they were really nice that I registered – I haven’t been to the dentist for over 10 years.
Looking forward to a day of spinning and knitting tomorrow and weather permitting photo shoots. Off to bed now to read some Flash Forward, very different to TV show but very good so far.


I had plans to take loads of photos today but the weather didn’t cooperate i.e. it pee’d down almost all day. I was going to take part in NaKniSweMo but when I looked at my wips I decided to dedicate November to wip wrestling. I have a few projects which are so close to being finished or just need buttons and/or blocking. I have started the second sleeve on my Alpaca Trellis & Vine sweater and am planning a block-athon early next week to block the 2 blankets and 2 shawls that need doing, as well as the outers of the fiddlehead mittens and my Audrey in Unst.

I have to go to the city tomorrow to take back a skirt I bought from John Lewis (the seam started to rip after almost no wear at all) and then I have to hold Karl’s hand when he goes to the dentist.

Must go to bed now as early start in the morning

Good Day


Yesterday (although being awesome because is was my bday) was kind of an anti-climax, today however was great. Up nice and early to go get my nail done, but not before spending some time chilling in Starbucks (red cups start tomorrow btw) with soy caramel machhiato and porridge. I managed to get my itouch working with Starbucks wifi and downloaded twitterific and wordpress apps.


There are loads of charity shops near where I get my nails done and i always pop in and see of there are any books going cheap – this week was a good week. I have heard people rave about Diana Wynne Jones but never managed to find any of her books but today found two (Black Maria and Dogsbody) for £1 each and Mist of Avalon by Marion Bradley for £1.50.  My pile of ‘to-read’ books is getting very big.

Hoping to take some photos of recent wips, fo’s and stash tomorrow.


Happy Birthday?


Today is/was my 33rd birthday!!!

My parents came up to see us and we went the The Rupert Brooke for sunday lunch (gorgeous as ever) and then I spent a frustrating evening trying to sort my birthday present out.

Karl and my parents chipped in together to get my a ipod touch. I needed a new (bigger ipod) and liked the idea of being able to tweet and check my e-mail on the go so decide a 32gb itouch would be perfect. I managed to sync with itunes and all my music, podcasts and a couple of audiobooks are nicely transfered over, trying to use the app/itunes store, sync my e-mail (which is a mobileme account from apple) and get on the internet is simply impossible. It was easy enough to pick up our home wi-fi signal but for some reason I couldn’t get it open safari, send/recieve mails or open anything else requiring internet.

I had been looking forward to getting this for ages and have a great experience with apple/mac in the past with things being simple to use – not this time. At one point I was almost in tears because it wouldn’t work. I have booked a slot at the genius bar in apple store in city  for tuesday morning in the hope i have just done something/not done something really simple and it will be up and running. In the mean time it works as an ipod but nothing else, which kinda defeats the object of spending the extra money on it.

Company, presents and lunch was great but the ipod issue has put a slight dampner on my birthday and I will try to bring you a more upbeat optmistic post tomorrow.



my poor, poor neglected blog is going to get some long over due attention, and in an attempt to start regular blogging again I have joined NaBloPoMo. So starting tomorrow there will be daily blog posts. See y’all then!


Green Fingers?


I have never liked gardening. I’ve never seen the point of digging the dirt just to make it look pretty for a few months when the flowers are out, then have to pull out weeds all year and start again the next.

I can however see the point to digging dirt etc to grow food. Unfortunately our garden is not suitable to grow veggies, so I have taken to the ‘urban’ route and plan to grow herbs in pots. At 32 I have never grown anything before in my life, I not even been able to keep pot plants alive. I am hoping that the thought of fresh herbs whenever i want will be enough to keep me motivated to water them.

You wanna see what I got?

From L to R: Oregano, Rosemary & Basil

Clockwise from bottom: Applemint, Rocket & Red Veined Sorrel

From L to R:  Thyme, Chives & Flat Leaf Parsely

For observant I am aware I need to repot the middle plants, but I had run out of compost and they are being re-potted tonight.

Fingers crossed!

Poorly Macbook and poorly Mum


Poorly Macbook, originally uploaded by lyndsey-jane.

just a quick diversion from knitting/spinning – this is my 18mth old macbook. The edge has started to spontaneously break and the placement of the break makes it really awkward not to make it worse, as it is exactly where my wrist rests. Does anyone know if this is a known problem, or how best to fix it. As the photo shows the broken of edge leaves a tiny gap which leads directly into the computer so I can’t just stick it back on with glue.
I am off to city on monday so may take it with me and pop into Apple shop for advice.

My Mum is going to have her gallbladder removed on monday afternoon, so please send her lots of healing thoughts. I’m a bit upset that I can’t be there but it is logistically a nightmare and financially expensive. Expect a more in-depth post sometime over the weekend

Socks, socks and sock yarn


I hadn’t realised how busy I had been knitting socks. Here they are on my new sock blockers.

Top Left: Embossed Leaves Sock (from Favorite Socks) in Cherry Tree Hill Sockittome – Winterberry

Top Right: Loksins! in The Natural Dye Studio Merino. These are for my Mum for her bday.

Bottom Right: Merino Lace (from Favorite Socks) in Fyberspates Echo Self-striping sock yarn

I also acquired some new sock yarn

Top: Dream in Color Smooshy – In Vino Veritas

Bottom: Lime n Violet Intentions Yarns – Connection